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Musings – A Yom Tov of Hope

The days are now transitioning We move from fear and awe As joy and happiness abound With hammer, boards and saw We go out to the marketplace We'll all fulfill our duty To find the nicest four minim An esrog graced in beauty

We’ll decorate our simple huts

And dine so festively

As if the Shechinah’s there with us

Ori Veyishi


And they may shoot their rockets

May threaten with a Scud

We shall not leave the sukkah’s walls

We ask, “Mimi efchod?”


Indeed ensconced

In confidence

We’ll sit outside our home

And revel as He shelters us

And even read a poem


The sukkah it shall guard us

Ufros sukkas shalom

To me, I know, its paltry s’chach

Is like an Iron Dome


And like the sukkah

As we trekked ‘cross

Blazing desert heat

The Anan saved

And sheltered us

From any foe we’d meet!


And those outside

Will question us

For they don’t really know

That we’re inside protected

Yitzpeneini besukko


And when I finish eating

I’ll learn under the sky

Shivti as if

I really wish

Kol yemei chayai


We’ll wave the lulav


As if it was a spear

Announcing that our faith in Him

Says we’ve nothing to fear


They’ll threaten us

In the UN

Resha’im like Khamenei

But like the lulav

We’ll be raised

Betzur yeromemeini


Emerging from a battle

Between celestial forces

Each one vying to defend

Diametric courses


But with the mighty

Shofar blast

We will be menatzei’ach

And thus declare

For all to hear

Bezos ani botei’ach


And with our lulav held up high

We joyfully declare

That we have scored a victory

With nothing left to fear


And soon Hakafos

We shall dance
Encircling the bimah

With Shir Hamaalos

On our lips

Our eyes

Zorim bedimah


Together with our sacrifice

All the world shall hear

Zivchei sruah

In His Tent

Korbanos and shir


And they will come a runnin’

“We’ll make a sukkah too!

Why did You not compel us

Just like You did the Jew?”


That day the sun

Will shine so bright

The heat will pierce the day

And with a kick

They’ll say, “We’re sick!”

And then they’ll run away!


And once again

His sukkah

Like in the days of yore

Will be our sole protector like

3,000 years before!


So with great faith

Within our souls

We worry not from them

Chazak ve’ameitz libecha

Vekavei el Hashem!



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