Friday, May 14, 2021

Musings – A Sefirah Prayer

Instead of joy

And song

And cheer

We think to shed

A false veneer

Remove a snide

Remark or snear


And someone else

We strain

To hear

To treat a friend

A pal, a peer

With more respect

And more sincere


Have we

For them

Once said a prayer

In our hearts

Is there

A care?


The Torah lost

We mourn each year

Despite a rebbi’s

Voice so clear

Zeh klal gadol!

I ask

You hear?


What have you done

A soul to spare?

I mean not to be

So austere


And strike

Within you

Pain and fear

But have you

For those

Shed a tear?


Or accapela

Songs you hear

And that’s

The mourning

For this year?


In jails they sit

Sentenced severe

And no one seems

To want to spare


To mitigate

Perhaps to shear

The prison term

Even a year!



My friend


You to me?

And me to you?


So let’s resolve

What we must do

To stand and shout

As one great Jew!


And if you ask

What we can do

Ke’ish echad

My friend, that’s who


Each person sees

A special way

Approach another Jew

And say


“Your pain, your hurt

I truly hear

As if it’s mine

Yes! Loud and clear”


And when we suddenly



Loud and clear

The cry

“We’ll do!

And then…

“We’ll hear!”


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