Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023

Moed Koton 5: The Right Remedial

On this daf, we find that a talmid chochom is required to keep track of matters pertaining to his kehillah, fixing them as needed.

One time, Rav Meir Shapiro was sitting in a meeting of many great rabbonim to discuss various important issues that required oversight. A certain group of rabbis and their rebbe came up, and although the people who brought them up praised their significant positive points, they also brought up what they felt needed correction. This was not done in the nicest manner, to say the least, and Rav Meir decided to gently point out that their words were lashon hara. “Our sages say that an achbera didabro, a desert mouse, is eaten on the table of kings. We can explain this differently, since the word ‘dabra’ also means words or speech. ‘A mouse of speech’ alludes to lashon hara. Unfortunately, this mouse of speech is even found on the table of rabbis who our sages say are kings…” (Rebbi Meir Omer, p. 111).



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