Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024

Moed Koton 11: A Higher Standard

On this daf, we find that sometimes an important person must act more stringently than the letter of the law normally demands.

The Shelah Hakadosh explains: “Our sages teach that Hashem is more exacting with the righteous than the common man. This is because one who is closer to Hashem must comport himself as is fitting. A person permitted to enter the palace is on a much higher level than one only permitted in the courtyard. One who can go into the inner sanctum of the king is of an entirely different order. And so it goes, level after level. The higher one’s achievements, the more carefully he must avoid acting below his exalted station and the more he deserves to be disciplined for inappropriate excesses. This explains why an important person must be so stringent with himself. What may be inappropriately pious for a simple person may well be of the essence for an adam choshuv” (Shnei Luchos Habris, Bereishis 9).



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