Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023

Megillah 8: Clarity is Charity

On this daf, we find some teachings regarding leprosy.

Rav Chaim Shmulevitz taught an important lesson about leprosy: “Our sages learn from the verse that leprosy is an expression of Hashem’s ‘charity.’

“On the surface, this is difficult to understand. Why is leprosy on one’s person an expression of Hashem’s charity? One might easily have assumed that leprosy on his house is more charitable, since the sufferer has three weeks to contemplate his wrongs and do teshuvah. We see from here the importance of clarity and the difficulty of enduring uncertainty. Since one who has leprosy on his person has less time feeling vague, he prefers this over leprosy on his home, which takes longer to resolve. He would rather break down his home than wait a full three weeks filled with doubts!”

Rav Chaim concluded, “Now we can understand how much we should praise Hashem for having given us the Torah and separated us from those who err. The Torah is a clarification of every step of our lives. It gives clear guidance how to act in every situation for one’s entire life”  (Sichos Mussar).



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