Thursday, Jan 26, 2023

Megillah 10: A Deep Realization

On this daf, we find the teaching that various sages would use as a prelude when expounding the Megillah. Rav Gedaliah Schorr explains that each of these teachings is a key to understanding the Megillah. We require these keys to reveal the deep lessons the Megillah teaches us year after year. In the words of Rav Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev, “The miracle of Purim happened enrobed in nature. It therefore has the power to change nature. When we read the Megillah, our very natures are purified and refined, and a great illumination is imparted to the entire world. We perceive to the depths of our being that the world exists exclusively for Torah and mitzvos. One who reads or listens to the Megillah with kavanah will be filled with joy. He will be filled with yearning to learn Torah and fulfill the mitzvos with joy, just like they accepted the Torah from love in Achashveirosh’s times” (Kedushas Levi, Kedusha Rishonah).




Darkness and Light

In this week’s parsha, we study the final three makkos with which Hashem punished Mitzrayim. The ninth makkah was that of choshech, darkness. We learned

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Family Ties

If you live in a town like Lakewood, it’s the kind of hall you find yourself in twice a week. There are 10 to 15

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Safe or Sorry?

In a Perfect World   You’re all familiar with a game called “Let’s Make a Deal,” right? In case you’re not, let me give you

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Gratefulness and Geulah

Ten minutes. Ten full minutes is what it took. The mashgiach, Rav Chatzkel Levenstein, would relate this with great nostalgia and admiration. He was referring

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