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Massive Turnout Expected At Women's Gathering for Pidyon Shvuyim

A massive turnout is expected for an inspirational women's gathering for pidyon shvuyim on behalf of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, on January 24th at Ateres Charna in New Square. Volunteers from a cross-section of Monsey neighborhoods have joined together with representatives of the Vishnitz, New Square, Munkatch, Lubavitch, Belz and Satmar communities, to ensure a record turnout at this unique solidarity event. The evening will honor Mrs. Chani Lipschutz for her tireless devotion to a campaign launched through the efforts of her husband, Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz, to win justice for Sholom Mordechai.

Mrs. Lipschutz’s all-embracing support has been on display throughout the past three years as she and her husband, together with the fiery activism of outstanding askonim,  transformed the words “Rubashkin case” into a dynamic grassroots campaign to correct a bitter injustice.  Frum Jews from across the entire spectrum have united behind this cause in unprecedented numbers.    
Renowned Constitutional Attorney Retained For Petition To Supreme Court


Special guest speaker Mrs. Alyza Lewin, who, together with her acclaimed father, attorney Nathan Lewin, headed the Rubashkin appellate team, will travel from Washington for the event. Mrs. Lewin will open a window for the audience on fascinating, little-known aspects of the legal case and discuss various avenues of relief that are currently being pursued for Sholom Mordechai.


Key among these efforts is the retaining of renowned constitutional attorney Mr. Paul Clement, who will petition the Supreme Court to hear the Rubashkin case. Mr. Clement, whose Washington firm represents some of the most high profile cases of the day, will file for an extension this week, to enable his team, working together with Nathan and Alyza Lewin, to prepare the strongest possible presentation to the Court.


Mrs. Leah Rubashkin, has captivated audiences with an intimate glimpse of the faith that keeps her torch aflame while she and her family await her husband’s vindication. She will address the gathering.


The audience will be treated to a fascinating perspective that links remarkable breakthroughs in the Rubashkin case with the outpouring of solidarity between Jews rallying for justice for Sholom Mordechai.   


Time after time, positive turning points in this family’s harrowing story have come on the heels of public displays of achdus among diverse segments in the Torah community, coming together to rescue a fellow Jew from a cruel fate. 


Mrs. Rubashkin will share with the audience some of the spine-tingling “messages” from Above that have buoyed the family’s spirits in their darkest moments. She will pay tribute to the extarordinary achdus that has brought down so many barriers between people and share her message of unswerving faith in Hashem’s rescuing help.  


Mrs. Chaya Gourarie of Postville, Iowa, a sister of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin and a renowned speaker, will uplift the participants with her signature eloquence and heartfelt remarks. Mrs. Gourarie has been flown overseas by Jewish communities in London and Belgium anxious to hear from an informed source the inner story of a case that has deeply troubled Jews across the globe.   


Mrs. Roza Hindy,a daughter of Sholom Mordechai, will introduce the evening’s speakers. The audience will hear about the phenomenon of women from so many different neighborhoods and communities opening their hearts and uniting their efforts to make the evening a success.


A new slide presentation will offer a stirring glimpse of the happiness, closeness and warmth that has always defined the Rubashkin family, even in the most trying of times. Soul-stirring music and singing by the extraordinary singer, Mrs. Suri Glick, will cap an evening that promises to be deeply poignant and unforgettable.


All women are strongly urged to attend. Their support and tefillos will give immeasurable chizuk and hope to Sholom Mordechai and his family. At a time when challenges and tribulations seem to so often strike our community, the zechusim of women coming together in a powerful show of achdus and support for pidyon shvuyim will surely trigger rachamei shomayim for the entire community.     




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