Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024

Magicians in the School

Imagine there's a lawyer With clients to the gills Instead of seeing one by one A room is what he fills Each one has a problem Yes, each has new concerns Everyone needs answers His head just turns and turns

A doctor who sees patients

Who feel under the weather

Instead of seeing one by one

They come in all together


This one has a stomachache

Another’s head has pain

One thinks he’s Napoleon

Another acts insane


There’s little time

To treat them all

The way they should be seen

Yet somehow they’re

All thrust on him

Like he is a machine


Imagine a house painter

Who paints for rich folks

They give him 30 cans of paint

And one brush for the strokes


“Paint it all one color

You must use every shade

I want the room just beautiful”

(And he is hardly paid)


Welcome to the classroom

Where neshamos abound

And each one is so different

As each one is profound


And put in front a rebbi

A teacher or a morah

And to these different kinderlach

You must teach one Torah


One has trouble reading

Another jumps the gun

And Yanky just sits and daydreams

And looks to have some fun


Of course there are some tutors

Who are great one on one

But our system packs our classrooms

And then says, “Get it done!”


So as the school year closes

Think about the task

And is a great big “thank you”

A call too much to ask?


For every boy inside the class

Or girl within the grade

Unique approaches to each one

Is how the word’s conveyed


A lawyer could not do it

A doctor, he would fail

The cases he would surely lose

And patients would still ail


So as the school year

Closes soon

And all the kids run free

Take a moment just to think

How hard it would be


For any other craftsman

Or doc or CPA

To run a business or his work

In that same teacher’s way


And give a yasher koach

To those who teach your crew

And thank them for the super work

That they forever do!



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