Friday, Oct 15, 2021


There comes a point

In time

In life

You want to say genuk!

You want to turn the page

You want to shut the book


In shul, at home

Of course at work

The news is quite a strain

And somehow even simple things

Soon become a pain


The kids are growing up too fast

My car they want to drive

My daughter needs another dress

How will I survive?


The Boss wants the reports

Right now!

The spreadsheets and the files

He asked just an hour back

And he expects “all smiles!”


The gabbai’s getting very tough

He thinks he owns the shul

And every day he does decide

Another silly rule


Who can get to daven

And who gets an aliyah

I cannot give

A big fat check

Should I just say, “I’ll see ya”


I cannot listen to the news

With shmutz and degradation

Genuk, I say

This is no way

To live in this great nation


Every day another threat

Iran, and some from Kim

Is it nukes or just those tweets

That make me feel so grim?


Each day another scandal

Another guy’s a crook

I want to stand up tall and shout

Rabbosai, shoin genuk!”


I cannot bear to listen

To news that makes me squirm

My landlord wants to raise the rent

But no raise from the firm!


But each night when I come back home

My life is just a breeze

I worry not about a thing

I just do as I please


For with the seforim

That I learn

I’m in another place

And bliss and just tranquility

Are soon seen on my face


For hours in bais medrash

 There’s nothing in my way

I revel just to wait and hear

What Rav and Shmuel say


Perhaps a Ketzos, a Shmaatza

Or just pondering, “Why?”

Without, it’s az avadeti

 For every working guy


But I have solace every day

Each time I take a look

Inside my Shas and Rishonim

I’ll never say, “Genuk!”


Oh! Yes! I would truly be lost

I surely think and cry

Lulay Sorascha, I’d be lost

Without sha’ashu’ay!

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