Thursday, Feb 29, 2024

Lou's View

Hello, my friends The name is Lou That recent night I worked for you I am a guard For great "Big Blue" I'm black and big I stand six two And yes, you guessed I'm not a Jew

What I witnessed

Wednesday night

Never have seen

Such a sight


One fellow

Said he’s Chaim

He asked me

To write this time


He said to me

The scene I see

It simply

Mesmerizes me


I cannot reason

Cannot rhyme

My friend I’m stuck

For words this time


I’m overwhelmed

I cannot think

My poet’s pen

Has lost its ink


I’ll write


Of a guard

I knew it wouldn’t

Be too hard!


And said I’d write

My point of view

Though Talmud

I can never do!


So Bashevkin

Took a break

And here’s a simple

Watchman’s take


Yes, all of you should

Stand out proud!

Never saw a nicer crowd

Thanks, Bashevkin

Who allowed

Me to write

My thoughts aloud!


I stand and guard

This place all year

And watch the people

Scream and cheer!


They fight when players

Get a goal

And shout when they play

Rock and roll


They scream, “Go green!”

They scream “Go blue!”

And guarding them

Is what I do!

So here’s my take

My point of view


They piled in

With spirits high

Every single

Type of guy


Some caps black

And tightly fitted

Some were colored

They were knitted


Some wore white shirts

Others ties

Some wore tee shirts

Some cool guys


And girls and ladies

Also came

They looked different

Yet the same


Could not understand

What game

Could bring a crowd

So kind and tame!


But this was no

Game at all

Each came in

All standing tall


No one passed

Or kicked a ball

Nothing like the games

Next fall!


Easiest bag check

In my life

Not a gun

And not a knife!


And then the crowd

Sat in the rain

I thought at first

They were insane!

Not one did grumble

Or complain!

They just were

On a higher plane!


And then the program

It did start

And the heavens

Seem to part!


Oh! My goodness

Bless my heart!

For this nation

Set apart!


Some nice fellow

He felt homey

Kept saying words

Like Daf Yomee


I’m not sure

What that does be

But sure sounds like

Great stuff to me!


Another fellow

From LA

Said you do it

Every DAY!


Some rabbis spoke

The Yiddish tongue

Some words

Familiar rung

(Lived in Willy

When was young)


But most I could not


Until it came to

Raaabbi Frand


He said some deep stuff

It was grand

And said




And one scene

I must recap

A guy gets up

A colored cap


A blue kippah

Yes he had on

I think He knows

My friend



Says some words

Ended “Amein




Dancing, hugging!

Joy and splendor

No difference

Of age or gender


No one even

Got a goal!

No one won

The Superbowl!


So my friend

I say to you

That night was holy

That I knew


And all the speeches

I forgot

Except the one line




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