Saturday, Jul 20, 2024

Lost in Africa, Lost in America

Somewhere in Nigeria 300 girls they wait For some madman From Taliban Who will declare their fate Unheard from Almost a month No one has what to say The world knows nothing Except the fact A picture that they pray

Things are disappearing

Almost out of thin air

A plane is gone

And now the girls

It causes quite a scare


I’m not sure

How to relate

I’m not sure what to say

How much does this speak to me

In good ol’ USA


Are they really looking?

Could they not find them faster?

Was there a way they could avoid

Another such disaster?


I tend to be quite skeptical

In fact I seem to fear

Is it that they can’t find them

Or just, “they do not care”?


But somehow they can’t

Seem to find

300 kids they seized

Or a 747 gone

I’m really not appeased


Maybe the US

Does not care

To add in a real deiah

When it is Asian, African

To them it’s not nogeiah


Their satellites

I am informed

Can read a license plate

Or spot a bochur from the moon

Whose on a shidduch date


I’m not such an expert

And no, I can’t debate

Nor can I really understand

To what I can’t relate


But all I know

Back here at home

How kids seem to have vanished

Whether from school

Or even home

When really they are banished


Are we really so much different?

The answer I do fear

Is it

We can’t bring them home

Or we…

Really do not care?




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