Friday, Jul 1, 2022

Legacy of Chesed

Chazal tell us That there are those Whose acts Set the benchmark For all who say There's just no way So why should I embark?

All of us excuse ourselves

With reasons not to do

But there have been so many

With less than me and you


Who managed despite obstacles

To surpass expectation

As paradigms of Yiddishkeit

The pride of our nation


And no one will ever say

“I was too poor or rich”

For acts beyond  

Our human strength

They somehow found a niche


One day in annals of our lore

Someone will stand out

A paradigm of chassodim

I know without a doubt


Her name was Mrs. Lubling

Who left a legacy

One we’ll strive to emulate

But impossible to be


For decades an almanah

Who survived the Nazi rage

Yet nothing stopped her mission

Not protocol or age


Day and night her life was just

To aid the weak and sick

It seems to get her “cousins” help

She did not miss a trick


No big degrees

Or waiting rooms

Receptionists up front

Could stop her fearless push to help

They could not stop her brunt


The greatest doctors stood in awe

When she walked through their door

They could not say, “There is no hope”
“Your cousin is too poor”


She’d raise the cost of surgery

She’d force them to relent

No matter what it cost her

Or all the time she spent


This tiny woman stormed the halls

For any Jew in need

Providing hope despite despair

When all would just concede


Like Miriam, her namesake

She’d daven and she’d wait

And only for complete refuah

She would anticipate


The stories they are endless

I simply do not know

How such an old and frail woman

Could be this dynamo


The strength she garnered from her faith

And passed it on to all

In lonely rooms of NYU

Or waiting on a call


She set a standard

I believe

No longer shall we see

Like Hillel who had set that mark

Despite his poverty


Mrs. Lubling set a mark

We’ll only hope to be

A standard that will live and live

Indeed eternally



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