Monday, Apr 15, 2024

Kavod and Covid



The dishes are all packed away

The tablecloths, haggados, too

Everything is now re-boxed

Including me and you


We may have thought

That this would end

Relief would be in sight

Alas, we cannot open up

And are told, “Just sit tight”


Sadness is a daily fare

For joy, we’re not included

We watch, we call, we hear the sounds

From our place secluded


Shiurim, business, may get done

Each person from their room

Teleconference, emails

And for some others Zoom


Our homes are now the fortresses

Where everything is done

From holiness to the mundane

For almost everyone


From davening to learning

To respites and events

And sometimes the confinement

Can lead to moments tense


Assurance, just by email

No handshakes, not a hug

Communications so reduced

Because this Chinese bug


Children sitting eagerly

They wait for school to start

Rabbeim, teachers, moros

Teach while we’re apart


Bochurim and yungeleit

Are ready to return

To the bais medrash

With the chevra

Just to sit and learn


Things can get quite edgy

While cooped up with no space

When everyone is just on top

Of someone else’s space


Chaim’s on the conference

But Dovid needs the tutor

Leah is on a Zoom class

But Dad needs the computer


The baby is just chattering

“Ma, get him a muzzle!”

D’vory, she just rode her trike

And messed up my whole puzzle!


We may be now at home a month

A Pesach quarantine

Celebrating Yom Tov

In ways we’ve never seen


And now Sefirah’s upon us

We all know history

That tzaros at this time of year

Are not a mystery


So when the test is greater

And people are on edge

We must do all that we can

Not to drive a wedge


Don’t vilify your neighbor

Don’t castigate a friend

And pray for the refuah

Let this mageifah end


We can’t forget it’s Sefirah

A time that we must fix

Every reason that we know

That made talmidim sick


We know the outside world is tough

And they have much to say

But we must act in harmony

Not emulate their way


We hear the rules and guidelines

The warnings in the news

But no matter what the truth is

They’ll try to blame the Jews


We know that they are watching

Some ways we are the same

When sadly even ‘mongst our own

All we hear is blame


So in our homes in bidud

And in our isolation

We must remember Sefirah

What happened to our nation


Lo nahagu covid zeh bazeh

Things we sadly know

So try your best

You must express

For all your love to show


In all that you communicate

In every interaction

Positivity must show

That must be your reaction


The final line I write this week

You may just hate or love it

Honor! Respect!

You can expect

Hashem, will remove Covid!



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