Thursday, May 23, 2024

It's All In There!

And on a late November night I sat down And tried to write But had no words And scratched my head And then I opened The Yated Perhaps I'll see What there it said And add to what The oilam read

Truth be told

Did not realize

How so much info

Therein lies


And thus I thought

It would be wise

To open up

And analyze


First, it has

Important news

Explained through its

Editor’s views


And from a true

Torah perspective

Rabbi Rapps

Is quite reflective

Flip a page

If you just might

And just read what

The “Readers write”


I turned indeed


And read and read

Rav Nosson Tzvi

From every angle

That could be

And …  it was not

Enough for me


Chinuch writing

Page after page

With wisdom

Practical and sage


Indeed they cover

Not just mention

Each Asifa

Or convention!

(And every type

With good intention!)


Teshuvos from

The av bais din

U.S. poskim

Found within


History set

By every date

News from every

Single state


Concisely said

And filled with facts

Packed with info

To the max


Every yahrtzeit

Never fails

Bios written

With details

I know the work

That it entails


Advice columns

Do enable

Shidduch, chinuch

A roundtable


Of course on parsha

Endless sechoirah

Myriad columns

Packed with Torah


The Center Page

Oy! Git a kik!

To see if they

Put in your pic!


But if you’re not

There in the news

You’re surely in

The Lakewood views!


And that’s just half

For this presenter

Did not speak yet

About “The Center”


Of course I like

That part the best

‘Cause that is where

My musings rest


History’s Strange Side

Is there

Halacha Talk

And Libby’s fare


Crafts for kids

And recipes

And Binni’s

Clever mysteries


Quizzes, games

And C. B.’s tales

Every other

Tabloid pales


And thus I wonder

Who has time

To read the words

Of this poor rhyme


When so much more

From brilliant sages

Fill the other

Yated pages!



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