Tuesday, Jun 11, 2024

Individual Learning

The swirl of terror

Blurs our thoughts

And drags in the mire

And news reports throughout the world

Report how they desire

They will tell you about Paris

About the soccer bout

Civilians killed in restaurants

The headlines will all shout

Hostages in Mali

And tourists on the beach

They’re here to break

Our way of life

The politicians preach

And headlines, news

And internet

Yelling every day

Soon does make a dent on us

For what they have to say

I hate to make a statement

Politically incorrect

But cautiously I’d like to say

Something I suspect

I won’t detract or mitigate

The carnage down in France

Or Egypt or in India

Or where the bombs he plants

Each person is a tzelem

The demus of the Almighty

My words are not facetious

I don’t mean to be flighty

But in our shock so globally

Forgot? Perhaps did you?

To mourn or reel with the same sense

The stabbing of a Jew

The shootings down in Chevron

The murders in the Gush

The news of those yechidim killed

The news will never push

The life of one yeshiva boy

The life of one lone Jew

Should provoke the shocked response

A thousand Frenchmen do

But they’re not in the Daily News

And never in the Times

Just in the Jewish papers

And in Bashevkin’s rhymes

But don’t negate the mourning

The horror we must show

To yell and shout and write and scream

And let the whole world know

That ISIS shooting concert halls

And bombing planes that fly

Will never mask the pain we show

The tears for one we cry!

For every neshomah is a world

A child of Hashem

And we must cry for every Yid

More than thousands of them

For we are not statistics

Or pawns in terror’s news

We are each a nation

And that’s what makes us Jews

And if we’ll treat each other

As if each one is a world

Soon the golus will just end

Moshiach’s flag unfurled



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