Monday, Jun 10, 2024

Hypicrosy At Large

What goes up

It must come down

They say without a doubt

But what goes in

To our chagrin

Sometimes does not come out


A certain Saudi journalist

To an embassy he went

To get his papers and records


But he went in while quite alive

But never did he leave

I’m not sure how the guys inside

Would think they would deceive


But in the end

I ask my friend

What will come of that?

A headline in a newspaper?

A diplomatic spat?


When there are other things at stake

No one will recoil

If it means losing contracts

Or raising costs of oil


I never knew Khashoggi

I never was a fan

I never read his column

I never saw the man


But certainly from my viewpoint

I cannot call him good

A terror sympathizer

With Muslim Brotherhood


He did not like the Holocaust

He said that it was bad

But Israel’s independence

Was similarly as sad


I heard he called

For certain change

And for Saudi reform

And that is why our Saudi friends

Are kicking up a storm


But the world is screaming, “MURDER!


“It’s terrible!” they scream

Until they’re out of breath


“We must punish the bad kingdom

We must depose their king

We never heard or imagined

Such an evil thing!”


Indeed, they say they did it

Indeed, the king admits

But I also say I’ve never seen

Such brazen hypocrites


Kings like those have murdered

The terrorists have hacked

And suddenly the righteous world

Cries at this attack!


Yidden kidnapped, tortured

Backed by the PA

Vicious crimes against our folk

And what does the world say?


Front page of every newspaper

The man was a reporter

Is blood that’s read in black and white

The only one they slaughter?


I say to you, my hypocrites

If viciousness is hated

Yell and shout for every time

That it is perpetrated


Not just about a Saudi

Not just about a Brit

What about an Ari Fuld

You awful hypocrite


The world can shout and tumul

Can headline all the news

Except, of course, when victims

Are unfortunately – Jews





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