Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023

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Mixed Messages

In a Perfect World   Picture the following scenarios: A family is seated at their Shabbos table. As the mother puts various dishes on the

My Take on the News

The Military Operation in Jenin If an entire country can be in the throes of mourning at once, then this past weekend certainly brought that

Darkness and Light

In this week’s parsha, we study the final three makkos with which Hashem punished Mitzrayim. The ninth makkah was that of choshech, darkness. We learned

Family Ties

If you live in a town like Lakewood, it’s the kind of hall you find yourself in twice a week. There are 10 to 15

A Solution for the Winter Break Blues

As often happens, many people have been talking about the problem, but not offering solutions. A proposal for solving the issue has now been suggested,

Safe or Sorry?

In a Perfect World   You’re all familiar with a game called “Let’s Make a Deal,” right? In case you’re not, let me give you

Gratefulness and Geulah

Ten minutes. Ten full minutes is what it took. The mashgiach, Rav Chatzkel Levenstein, would relate this with great nostalgia and admiration. He was referring

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