Friday, Jun 9, 2023

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  As we approach the end of school year and the beginning of summer vacation, we must think seriously about the chinuch of our children.

Not Off Script

  I cannot say that it was exactly congruous, but during the indescribable Adirei HaTorah event, a thought passed through my mind. I was sitting

My Take on the News

  Three Soldiers Killed in Border Incident There was a highly unusual incident on the Egyptian border. The border between Egypt and Israel is generally

One Heart, One Destination

As I write this, I am sitting on an airplane, flying to Eretz Yisroel to spend the Yom Tov of Matan Torah in Tzion: “ki

The Bnei Gershon

By Rabbi Yechiel Spero “Naso es rosh bnei Gershon – Count (lift) the sons of Gershon” (Bamidbar 4:22). In a sense, we are all the

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