Wednesday, Jan 25, 2023

Have You Seen My Documents?



Have you seen my documents?

I think they’re classified

Even though I do not get

What they say inside


Have you seen my documents?

They’re in some Biden Center

And we asked Joe. “I did not know!
Not one hundred percenter”


Have you seen my documents?

I’m sure they’re not too far

They’re very well protected

Together with my car


Have you seen my documents?

They’re very safe I bet

Here’s the deal, no one could steal!

They’re locked with my Corvette!


Have you seen my documents?

Don’t get too nervous yet

I’m sure they were declassified

Or did Barack forget?


Have you seen my documents?

They finally reported

I thought they meant the ones Trump took

The facts were just distorted


Was there an infraction?

Did someone break the law?

This question, friends, oh! It was asked

Not too long before


I’m sure it was an accident

Just an oversight

I’ll send them back, with some news hack

And I will make it right


Are they in a closet?

A hallway or a foyer

If you are so innocent

Why’d you get a lawyer?


Have you seen my documents?

Will there be a raid?

Will Justice hush the incident

Because they are afraid


Will this simply go away

‘Cause I’m a Democrat!

You can’t ask any questions

You can’t treat me like that


Make believe these documents

Were like the laptop found

And make sure no one talks no more

And does not make a sound


Let’s focus on The Donald

Talk ‘bout this no more

Remember that I need to win

In Twenty-Twenty-Four




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