Friday, Feb 23, 2024

Elul’s Presence

The shofar’s blast

Has since been heard

The moon has blocked the sun

And suddenly a whispered word

Elul has begun



Indeed, the summer’s sun is gone

Along with all its fun

For Elul’s call throughout the world

Shouts out to everyone



The bochurim have packed their bags

Their Kovetz and Gemaros

No more idle words now said

It’s chakiros and sevaros



Mussar daily and at night

Learning four great seforim

Chovos, Shaarei, Tomer, too

Of course, Mesillas Yeshorim



The baalei batim energize

Learn more and daven slower

Voices heard (in back of shul)

Suddenly are lower



The children ready for their schools

No matter age or grade

All of them will surely learn

How their deeds, too, are weighed



Yes, apples dipped in honey

And shofar horns to blow

But even midst the fun of youth

They, too, soon know



That Elul’s here

And summer’s gone

Despite their child’s play

That Rosh Hashanah, Yom Hadin

Is not too far away



They told us how

Before the war

Everyone would shake

The call of Elul in the street

Meant so much was at stake



The cobblers would tremble

When fixing shredded soles

Carpenters would quiver

As they boarded gaping holes



Rabbonim would be fasting

Crying as they pleaded

That all their words of mussar

Somehow would be heeded



And though we’ve lost the sanctity

And our forefathers’ fear

I know that if the community

Will feel that Elul’s here



Their lives would all be different

For these next 40 days

How it learns and how it yearns

And how it acts and prays



If just a drop of Elul

Of days of yesteryear

Would come into our midst today

And permeate the air



Then we would also know for sure

When Yom Hadin does come

A great decree of yeshuos

Will sure greet everyone



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