Friday, Jul 1, 2022

Electronic Goodbye

Imagine if just suddenly A charge would fill the air Sending electronics Into total despair And all the cell phones That text and type and chat Would all get fried At least inside Can you imagine that?

All the screens would just go dark

The gadgets they would freeze

Imagine kids would have to talk

Instead of clicking keys


We could not text a neighbor

Send pictures to a friend

And all the under-thirties

Would think the world will end


There would be no more texting

And people just would talk

Instead of sending email

A mailman would soon walk


The kids would learn

To laugh out loud

With a hearty hoot

And when they wanted

Just to talk

There’s no need to reboot


And being friends

Would be for real

With truest admiration

No silly letters

Doing that

In an abbreviation


You’d have to say

I’m sorry

Or call to say thank you

Things your fingers just may type

But your mouth forgot to do


And notes to teachers

Or your spouse

Would be written by ink

With nuances and touches

That showed that you did think


And stationery

Would embrace

The simple words we pen

To be cherished for its feel

And read and read again


Remember that most of us lived

In such a crazy time

When all this would be daily fare

And I would not need to rhyme


We say that this technology

Has bridged our existence

I think sometimes that it just made

A certain sort of distance


We cannot turn off

All the toys

Or disconnect them all

But I just ask

That once a week

Instead of text

Please call!



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