Monday, May 27, 2024

Double Standard



Have you heard of Dolittle

Perhaps you have forgot

He did not “do a little”

In fact, he “did a lot”


Have you heard of Tokyo

Perhaps Curtis LeMay

Do you know about the bomb

Dropped by Enola Gay


Hundreds of thousands

They were killed

In fact, incinerated

They were warned

But all was scorned

And not anticipated


Atomic bombs and firestorms

No cries from the UN

This was war

Settle the score!

That’s how it was back then


America, they were attacked

In Nineteen Forty One

And they did not stop fighting

Until the job was done


Have you heard of Dresden

And Marshal Arthur Harris

And what they did to Germany

And no one was embarrassed


They bombed out the civilians

And no one said a word

This was war! Until the core

Fighting was not absurd


Suddenly, the world’s in shock

Israel is invading

“How terrible! Poor Gaza!”

The world’s pontificating


Tokyo, it was decimated

Dresden all burned

We fought back! And we attack

And no one was concerned


But if Jews will enter Rafa

To rescue stolen souls

And wipe out evil enemies

And try to meet their goals


Suddenly, the world does rise

In hateful unity

Jews cannot fight back, we say

With just impunity!


We can’t help them with our bullets

We can’t ship them the bombs

The way you Jews will have to fight

Is just recite your psalms


And maybe they are right, indeed

We can’t rely on them

Forget your bombs

We have our psalms

And more!

We have Hashem!







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