Thursday, May 23, 2024

Deri To Netanyahu: Stop The Persecution Now

During a sheva brachos for his daughter attended by Prime Minister Netanyahu as well as right-leaning cabinet ministers and MKs, MK Aryeh Deri of Shas sharply condemned the government's slew of decrees against Torah students. He began by denouncing the recent court ruling ordering the canceling of the minimal income supplement (havtachat hachnassah)provided to Israel's poorest avreichim.

“Last week I heard of a decree against ten thousand of the poorest families in Israel, with over three children, a wife who’s not working, no car, families that are dirt poor,” he said. “In these families, a husband decided to sit and learn Torah, and a mother accepted the burden upon herself. Such families have received from the people of Israel, from the Jewish state, 1,100 shekels a month for many years, and now the court came and annulled it. Look at this sociologically. Look at this with Torah eyes. Is it right?


“Do you know what this means? Tens of thousands of children will have insufficient milk and bread. All this to stop people from learning Torah. Why? Because of this, my joy on this occasion is incomplete.


“What am I asking for? What am I praying for?” Deri continued. “We have conflicting opinions. We have different outlooks. I accept that and I understand the concern of those who worry about what will become of the future of Israel, how many people will work and how many will learn. I accept all of this. But I say, please remember that the Yerushalayim of Above remembered by each chosson and kallah during their chupah preserved the Jewish people for thousands of years in exile. This is what preserved us in Russia, Morocco, Tunisia and every place in the world. What preserved us? The Yerushalayim of Above, the yearning to come to Eretz Yisroeland live as proud Jews observing their heritage.


“Let us not destroy ourselves. Let us not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Let us unite despite our different political opinions, and together, with Hashem’s help, find common ground. I have no doubt that through discourse, we will find the solution. For me, this would be the complete simchah of chosson and kallah.


“I have to tell you this. I need to say this as a brother among brothers. The people here are my true friends and I say this with a sore heart. Together, let us together overcome our differences. Together, let us find a common path for the Israeli people to walk on. We are all Jews. Millions of enemies are encamped against us. We must remember this. We cannot close our eyes. Hundreds of millions want us in the sea. The common ground that unites us is dwindling. Let us preserve it. We must not destroy it. We must continue together as we have until today.”


At this point, Deri turned directly to Netanyahu and said, “Mr. Prime Minister, you succeeded to walk this path for many years with good heart and good sense. Despite all the constraints that exist, seek the common denominator of our people so that we can go on, despite all our conflicting opinions as the holy triumvirate of Eretz Yisroel,Toras Yisroel and Am Yisroel.



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