Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Decision Time

The national election is upon us and the future of this great republic will be decided next week. Ever since Barack Obama and Joe Biden won the White House almost twelve years ago, there has been a constant media drumbeat that has only become stronger since Donald Trump announced his candidacy.

It proclaims that Republicans and conservatives are narrow-minded, myopic, xenophobic, bigoted and racist. Obama presented a Democrat coalition that followers believed would endure for an entire generation. Even Republican voters, who rely on the mainstream media, believed the narrative and feared that their candidates would never win another election.

Many pundits wondered on the air and in print, if the Republican Party would ever again have a majority, or even a close minority, in the Senate or House. The presidency? Ha! Not a chance, they said there would never again be a Republican president of the United States.

And then Donald Trump came out of nowhere. A billionaire real estate tycoon, he entered the Republican primaries and went on to beat 17 qualified people, who were vying for the nomination.

Obama campaigned very hard for the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, promising voters that she would continue his agenda. He and his family and those close to him all campaigned vigorously for Clinton, yet Trump won every state in which he battled. Obama pleaded with the electorate to see the choice as a referendum of his legacy. Democrats, the media and the Washington bureaucracy were incredulous at their defeat at the hands of novice, non-politician who had never previously run for anything.

From the day Trump entered the race, he was mocked and vilified. The mainstream powerbrokers and media portrayed him as a buffoon who could never last through the primaries. As he won the primaries in state after state, leading Republicans went to great lengths to have him disqualified. They didn’t understand his power; they didn’t get his strength. The more money they spent against him, and the more they undercut him, the stronger a force he became. There are Republicans who still won’t accept him and are supporting Biden.

Former Vice President Biden was basically handed the nomination and presented as the inevitable winner, just as Mrs. Clinton was four years ago. Every poll, pundit and expert immediately declared Biden the front-runner, convincing themselves and many others that he would definitely recapture the White House for the Democrat party. Trump has no chance; they have been saying all along.

The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and every other media outlet have been repeating in many different ways the message that Trump is unsuitable for the presidency and must be thrown out in order for the country to survive.

Just as was done during the 2016 election, polls were used to obfuscate what is really going on around the country. Just look at Trump’s rallies and see the enthusiasm and thousands of people streaming to hear, see and cheer the president, and you can see that that there is a wave of support for this man that being ignored by mainstream media and experts. Across the country there are Trump flotillas and parades being held, lawn signs and bumper stickers sprout in the most unexpected places, yet we are supposed to believe that Biden is coasting to victory.

Biden is a weak candidate, who spends most of his time hiding at home from reporters and people. He has no coherent message, and if you take away his teleprompter, it becomes evident that he has difficulty stringing together lucid thoughts. Even as the big day approaches, last week he stayed home and out of sight most of the time, and this week he is making a couple appearances in front of tiny audiences. While President Trump is barnstorming the country conducting multiple rallies a day, Biden is doing very little to sell himself and his agenda to voters. The media experts say with great confidence that he is sitting on his lead.

He is promising to shut down this country’s production of oil and gas, putting it back at the mercy of Middle Eastern potentates. He is promising to raise taxes on people and corporations and do away with Trump’s tax relief measures, which lowered the taxes everyone pays and led to a surging economy.

Trump was dogged with allegations that he colluded with Russia to win the election, leading to impeachment in Congress. By now, it has been proven that the president was the victim of a disinformation campaign and the charges against him were bogus. But those same politicians and talking heads who pressed the case against him are mum over the revelations that members of the Biden family entered into illicit business deals in China, Ukraine and other places, with Joe getting a part of the action.

The same media and politicians who spent a couple of years and much money slandering Trump, have made the Biden allegations go away. Yet, Biden has the temerity to say that the election is about which man is the one with morals and character. It is quite ironic that he is portrayed as a simple, honest, blue collar guy, though he has been cheating his whole life.

When Obama ran for president, he campaigned as the candidate of hope and change, though once in office he dished out little hope and a lot of the wrong type of change. Biden doesn’t even do that. He says a dark winter is ahead, the country may need to be closed down again, your taxes will rise and the price of gas will rise. The country’s air, land and water are cleaner than they have been in a very long time, without the crushing environmental regulations Biden wants to reinstate. Trump is promising the best economy ever in 2021, while Biden will send it spinning backwards. Trump is the one proposing a sunny future, with the economy roaring back and corona a distant memory.

Biden harkens back to the pre-Trump days of insiders and polls driving the candidates’ agenda. Trump speaks cotemporally, in a straightforward way, without big words and sounding official. He doesn’t speak intelligently, is not well-read or well-versed, and had no experience in doing anything he promised, but he followed through on his promises, and more.

While Biden is a very flawed candidate, he has the active support of most power brokers, the media, the elite, and everyone in the mainstream. Trump isn’t only running against a washed-up politician, he is running against the media, the power structure, the Washington swamp and almost every labor union and interest group.

When Trump took over, illegal immigrants were streaming into this country. ISIS was beheading Western captives; the economy was in the doldrums and Obama and the media were claiming that manufacturing would never return here and Trump’s promises to bring them back and lower unemployment and cut taxes were deceptive and impossible to follow through on. Trump did just that, getting manufacturing companies to return here and lowering unemployment to record numbers, as wages went up.

He placed three conservative justices on the Supreme Court, advocated for the sanctity of life and marriage, pushes for school choice, made peace in the Mid-East, freed Rubashkin and enacted prison reform and went to work making America great again. He rebuilt the military, brought Iran to its knees and convinced North Korea’s dictator to back down from his belligerence that threatened a nuclear war.

He recognized Yerushalayim as Israel’s capital, shut down the Palestinian office in Washington, recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights and helped Israel more than any previous president.

He fought the coronavirus as best as possible, quickly shutting down entry to the US by Chinese citizens, as he was mocked and vilified by Biden, Pelosi, de Blasio and their cohorts. He ramped up production of ventilators, set up hospitals, and brought the country to a quick halt to stop the spread of the virus. He brought together doctors, scientists and experts to study the virus and understand how it works in order to best combat it. Meanwhile, Cuomo and others were forcing nursing homes to accept Covid patients into their facilities, leading to the deaths of thousands of prone elderly people and causing the numbers of deaths to rise exponentially.

Under Trump, the pandemic is still raging, but the mortality rate has dropped considerably as Operation Warp Speed developed and funded by the president is about to deliver a vaccine in record time. He defended the rights of people to worship, even now, and fought to open schools and businesses. Masks have become the latest method of virtue signaling, to demonstrate a moral superiority as much as to prevent illness. He is mocked for not towing the party line on masks and closings, but under his direction deaths have dropped, the economy is coming back and states which follow his direction are open.

Leftists and secularists are in control of the schools, universities and media. They propped up a champion of the old way of doing politics and cleared the way for him to win the nomination as Democrat candidate for the presidency. And now Democrat think they are so close to victory that they can feel it. Nobody knows what this country will look like should they actually win the White House, especially if they will also control the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Just take a look at the large cities of this country, which are controlled by Democrat mayors, and you will have an inkling of what is in store. New York City, formerly the country’s capital of business and culture, is now seeing a rise in crime, boarded up businesses, and fleeing taxpayers. Instead of beefing up the police so they can lower crime and create a level of comfort for businesses and citizens, the leftists in charge have cut the police budget and turned a deaf ear to the concerns of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. They have set loose inspectors of various city departments to do what the police refused to do, and torment local shopkeepers and citizens over emergency arbitrary Covid regulations.

The Republicans, with few notable exceptions, are impotent. They are afraid to speak up and arouse the ire of the media. So, for now, the only one condemning the leftist socialist tilt is the president.

For now, nobody knows if the people are acquiescing to the anti-police, anti-white orthodoxy that is said to be sweeping the nation. Nobody knows whether people understand what the Democrat agenda is when they tell pollsters that they will vote for Joe Biden. Maybe the poll numbers are a result of people’s fear to let it be known that they do not agree with those who seek to erase the country’s history and philosophy.

What we do know is that if the leftists win and take hold of the reins of power, the country and especially its Jews will be in for very trying times. The past few months can chas veshalom continue for four years.

Biden sees a future of masks and plexiglass and bankrupted cities and Trump sees rebirth and revitalization, open schools and open cities. We have just seen what leftist justice means, and how fair leftist governors and mayors are, creating red zones out of thin air and convincing the world that the ultra-orthodox Jews are to blame for the spread of corona.

The Democrat party has evolved into a group of avowed leftists, led by the likes of Reps. Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, socialists such as Bernie Sanders and AOC, Marxists such as Black Lives Matter, and the overwhelming majority of liberal Jews, blacks and Latinos. In order to preserve their coalition, it is vital for Democrats to cause their constituents to view the Republican Party as bigoted, racist, opposed to working people of all races and dedicated to stripping minorities of their rights and privileges. Class warfare is a classic Marxist tactic adopted by communists and Saul Alinsky, architect of much of the modern Democrat party and intellectual guide of notables Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Trump has his faults, but he advocates for moral causes. We benefit from a proper moral climate. He works to improve the economy. Our community is desperate for a good economy, and for more and better jobs.

Do we want a return to the days of Barack Obama? Have we forgotten what he did to undermine the country’s moral standing and weaken the country in myriad ways? Have we forgotten how Obama and Biden treated Israel and its prime minister, seeking to undermine them at every opportunity and advocating on behalf of the Palestinians, who President Trump has totally sidelined?

As a people who have been buffeted about from one country to another, we appreciate that this country is the most accommodating to us in history. This is in large part due to the constitution, which guarantees free speech and freedom to worship as we please. It is imperative that we elect candidates who take seriously their pledge to uphold the constitution and the freedoms it offers every citizen of this great and compassionate land.

On November Third, make your voice heard.



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