Saturday, Oct 23, 2021

Coalition Rendition

Oh it's that time of life again The time that's filled with strife again The Israelis cast their votes A lump does form Deep in our throats ‘Cause now we're cast into lifeboats Waiting out The stormy seas Seeing who They try to please Putting us Through much unease

There is Bibi

And Lapid

Likud “yessing”

Yesh Atid


Each one bent

Into submission

To make or break

A coalition


But who will join?

We’d like to know

Who shall stay

And who shall go


Who will run

Embrace Bibi?

When he does sing

“Come join with me”?


Will Shas count

With their eleven?

Yahadut Torah

With their seven?


Perhaps there could
Have been three more

If the “likes”

Had not said “war”


I’m not sure why

They went through it

With no achdus

They sure “blew it”


And thus the others

Watched and laughed

While cheering, screaming

Let’s now draft!


And Bennet fell

Off his high horse

But will now vie

For deals, of course


We’ll see, I’m sure

To no surprise

For some power?



And Meretz with

Of course Livni

Will spew their hateful



And while Balad

Cheers carefully

“Drive them all

Into the sea!”


And we just wait

For yeshuah

From the evils

Of her T’nuah


And Labor waits

And waits and waits

Saying words

Like dire straits


Hoping for

Two separate states

And with it, it seems

All our fates


It’s not simple

Like USA

Where we know all

In just one day


Exactly what

The man shall do

If he’s red

Or if he’s blue


Israel’s story

Has not been told

We watch the drama

Now unfold


And little do we

Have to say

Perhaps it’s best to

Look away


And then just simply

Sit and pray

That peace will reign

Soon, one day

And Torah shall just

Have its way

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