Tuesday, Jun 11, 2024

Chinuch: The Light of Chanukah  

Chanukah spells chinuch

And as much as I am able

I’d like to give some accolades

To our Chinuch Roundtable


The power of mechanchim

To help all those who seek

Lighting up their lives

With wisdom every week


What do you do

With an issue

And you’re not sure where to turn

How to you help your children grow

To love? To thrive? To learn?


How can you ask the questions?

When you hardly have an ear

Maybe they’re too busy

It’s not that they don’t care


Each week Yated is filled with those

Who ask so sincerely

Who take the roles Hashem gave them

With great sincerity


They know the future lies with them

As rebbis, moros, mentors

Yeshivos, day schools, kollelim

And outreach learning centers


Parents, zaidies, bubbies too

Each and every week

Hearing all the voices

Adults and kids who speak


You’d like to review homework

But you don’t know how to learn

You want to push him harder

But bridges you may burn


Your daughter was not chosen

Not one part in a play

How do I deal with her poor tears

She sits and cries all day


My son, he’s getting bullied

A boy gave him a smack

Can I teach him karate

So he’ll know to fight back


The rebbi has a contest

But money is not there

He’d like to give great prizes

But the board don’t seem to care


Our twins are in the same class

But one is very smart

To separate them in 5th grade

Would really break my heart


My son learns day and night

At least in yeshiva then

But when he comes back home

Somehow he sleeps to ten?


His friend is off the derech

But he still wants to play

My son feels he can handle it

I don’t know what to say


We’d like to take vacation

Our son’s school just said no

We need it for our sanity

Should we obey? Or go?


Six hundred sixty-seven times

The column educated

Thoughtful answers offered

On issues you related


Why do I write about it now

So many years have passed

I know the questions that you pose

They will forever last


But as one behind the scenes

Who knows the other side

And writes his poems and sometimes prose

Behind a name he’ll hide


I read the questions, answers too

From every educator

They simply would not be understood

Without a moderator


To take the words of passion

Make them palpable to read

Articulating thoughts they wrote

So that the words they’ll heed


And thus I write with knowledge

I know it may be hard

To keep the level oh so high

With the changing of the guard


Indeed, Reb Sruly will move on

Reb Shmuly in his stead

I know he’ll be phenomenal

And the CR always read


So when you light menorahs

Oil or a candle

Think about mechanchim

And everything they handle


And drop a line of thanks to them

Maybe the CR crew

For all their insights and ideas

That I hope have helped you




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