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Chagigah 12: The Hidden Light

On this daf, we find that Hashem created the ohr haganuz, the light put away for tzaddikim in the ultimate future Rav Tzadok Hakohein of Lublin discusses this light in a deep discourse: “Our sages say that in the entire maaseh bereishis, only the Name ‘Elokim,’ is mentioned. Regarding what Hashem made it says, ‘On the day Hashem Elokim made…’ This teaches an important lesson: Initially, Hashem wanted to create the world based on strict judgement, but he added mercy to justice.

“The lesson here is that Hashem’s main purpose is for those tzaddikim who serve Him in an aspect of judgement. Let us consider Rebbi Akiva, who was on such a lofty level that Moshe asked Hashem why He did not give the Torah through Rebbi Akiva. Although he died a cruel death, sanctifying Hashem’s great Name until his last breath, he tasted the ohr haganuz, the light from the beginning of creation that was hidden for tzaddikim in the ultimate future. He was one of the special souls who partake of this light even in this world. Rebbi Akiva was unique in the totality of his Torah, both nigleh and nistar. It is for such tzaddikim that Hashem made the world (Pri Tzaddik, Parshas Vayikra).



The Holy Count

    This week, in Parshas Emor, we encounter the mitzvah of counting seven weeks between when the Korban Omer is brought on the second

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