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CDC Adds Covid-19 Shots to Childhood Vaccine Schedule

Top Scientists, Doctors Speak Out About Covid Vaccine Harm

Despite intense blowback over its anticipated vote last week, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously to add Covid injections to its recommended schedule of vaccinations for children.

The vaccine schedule now calls for children to begin Covid mRNA shots when they are 6 months old. While the CDC insists the new vaccination schedule is not mandatory but only “a recommendation,” about 31 states automatically adopt the CDC’s child vaccination schedule as a requirement to attend school, according to the University of Chicago Illinois’ School of Public Health.

Private and religious schools that receive government funding often insist on parental compliance with the CDC’s vaccine recommendations for children.

ACIP panelists cast the vote during a meeting on updating the schedules for youth and adults. All 15 members voted, without debate, to add the Moderna, Pfizer and Novavax vaccines to the 2023 schedules.

In sharp contrast to the lack of dissent at the meeting, blistering critique was heard afterward from experts who slammed the agency for approving a vaccine that is said to have no clinical data to support its benefit in children.

“There has never been a vaccine added to the child immunization schedule without solid clinical evidence that it reduces disease significantly in the community,” said Dr. Marty Makary, a professor of medicine in Johns Hopkins University and a medical consultant for Fox News. “The Covid-19 vaccine is the very first one to be approved without medical evidence supporting it.”

The CDC has data “from only eight mice on the effects of the Omicron vaccine in young people,” Makary stated on an appearance on the Tucker Carlson show. “This is basically a story about marketing a vaccine that has bypassed clinical data.”

Makary took aim at drug companies who he said are pulling strings to get the vaccines approved without appropriate trials. He noted that the Biden administration had already bought 170 million doses of the omicron vaccine prior to the ACIP vote. “Which is why many of us are asking, why even have a FDA? Why do we even do clinical trials?”

Markary pointed to the charade being acted out in the halls of power where the federal public health agencies rubberstamp whatever policies the drug companies and the White House want approved.

“Right now we have Pharma telling us, ‘Hey, we just did a study [on the omicron vaccine]. Here’s the top line of the press release, okay? We’re gonna call the White House and the White House is going to call the FDA and the CDC and tell them all to get in line.”

Dr. Meryl Nash, who watched the ACIP/CDC vote online wrote that “committee members were presented with CDC’s fait accompli by hearing a very bland presentation of the “edits” to the childhood and adolescent immunization schedules.”

Buried among dozens of “edits” was the inclusion of Covid-19 vaccines to the schedules, which is to be rolled out in February 2023. “But the revised schedule was posted to CDC’s website on October 17, 2022, before the ACIP’s approval!” wrote Dr. Nash.

Why Won’t They Show Us The Data?

“My question is why can’t we see the data? What are they hiding? Anyone who asked to see the evidence was basically told to ‘stop asking questions,’ Dr. Makary said.

White House Coronavirus expert Dr. Ashish Jha has supposedly seen the data on the vaccines’ effects, but refused to make it publicly available, noted the professor.

Markary told host Tucker Carlson that peer-reviewed studies in Germany show that 1 in 5,000 vaccine doses result in a “severe adverse event.” He also highlighted a case study in Israel where researchers followed 283 people who took the Covid vaccine and ended up getting myocarditis; one of the patients died and two were in the ICU.

“My concern is that some schools may just blindly accept whatever the CDC recommends,” he said. “If thousands of people are going to get myocarditis from this indiscriminate vaccination in young and healthy people, that is a scenario that should worry everyone.”

“Right now, parents are asking where the clinical data is to support this vaccine in young healthy children. For the new omicron vaccine, which is the one being recommended, the human trials were never made public. Instead, Pfizer and Moderna gave a one-line announcement in a press release; the underlying data is top secret,” Makary explained.

“Shame on them,” he continued, calling out FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf, White House COVID response coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha and CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

“That data should be public information,” Makary insisted. “We believe it’s being hidden because it’s similar to the baby vaccine data, which was not favorable; it showed no clinical benefit. So, 94 per cent of Americans are saying ‘no’ to this new omicron vaccine because the clinical trial data is not public.”

Ohio and Florida: ‘CDC Can’t Dictate Vaccine Requirements’

Two states that have been quick to announce that the ACIP vote on child vaccination will not affect policy within their jurisdictions are Ohio and Florida.

“The ACIP vote does not change Ohio law. The state’s list of required vaccines can only be changed through legislation,” said Ohio Department of Health Director Bruce Vanderhoff in a statement.

Vanderhoff noted that “flu shots which are included in the CDC list of recommended vaccines for school children has not been adopted by Ohio as a requirement for schoolchildren.”

“The CDC can make recommendations but they can’t tell Ohio schools to require a Covid vaccine,” confirmed Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted following the CDC vote. “The General Assembly makes Ohio law, and we have no Covid vaccine requirement in our state. Period.”

“Regardless of what CDC votes, nothing changes in FL,” Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo wrote prior to the ACIP vote. “Thanks to Gov. Ron DeSantis, Covid mandates are NOT allowed in Florida, NOT pushed into schools, and I continue to recommend against them for healthy kids.”

New Vaccine Guidance From Florida’s Surgeon General

Earlier this month, Dr. Ladapo announced new guidance from the Florida Department of Health regarding mRNA vaccines. Through an analysis conducted on vaccine safety, researchers found an 84% increase in the incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination, the Surgeon General’s office reported.

“With a high level of global immunity to Covid-19 at the present time,” a press release said, “the benefit of vaccination is likely outweighed by this abnormally high risk of cardiac-related death among men in this age group. Non-mRNA vaccines were not found to have these increased risks.”

“As such,” the official statement continued, “the State Surgeon General recommends against males aged 18 to 39 from receiving mRNA Covid-19 vaccines. Those with preexisting cardiac conditions, such as myocarditis and pericarditis, should take particular caution when making this decision.”

“Studying the safety and efficacy of any medications, including vaccines, is an important component of public health,” the statement noted. “Far less attention has been paid to safety, and the concerns of many individuals have been dismissed. These are important findings that should be communicated to Floridians.”

‘Blatantly False…Almost Comical’

Dr. Lapado made his position on Covid vaccine safety well known much earlier in the pandemic.

In a letter earlier this year to the chairman of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Response, Ladapo slammed the subcommittee for advancing “blatantly false statements” related to vaccine safety, saying that cardiac and other vaccine injuries, while not common in the overall picture, were real and often serious, even fatal.

He also challenged federal guidance recommending that children 6 months through 5 years of age receive a Covid-19 vaccine. “There is no data that prove this vaccine is more effective than the placebo in reducing severe illness in this age group,” Ladapo said in his letter.

“It is unfortunate that the information you released is perpetuating confusion among the public,” Ladapo wrote. “Florida remains committed to making decisions based on data and science – not ideology.”

In an interview with American Thought Leaders, Dr. Lapado remarked that the last two years have seen the growth of “an atmosphere where there is no room for honesty about the vaccines.”

“It’s almost comical,” he said, noting clips on Twitter that featured the president or Dr. Fauci or Dr. Walensky saying ‘you will not get Covid if you take these vaccines.’ Or ‘these vaccines are going to stop you from transmitting the virus to someone else.’ Or playing on guilt.”

“And then it turns out that [those claims] were blatantly untrue,” Lapado went on. “The vaccine’s waning immunity, and the fact that recently came out that transmission wasn’t even tested in the primary clinical trials! It’s just been an atmosphere of tremendous manipulation, coercion and dishonesty.”

[With his remark that “transmission wasn’t tested,” Lapado was referring to a bombshell admission by Janine Small, Pfizer President of International Developed Markets, that went viral this month on social media. In a Covid hearing in the European Parliament, MEP Robert Roos questioned Small: “Before the Pfizer vaccine entered the market, was it tested on stopping the transmission of the virus? Please answer clearly yes or no.”

“No,” the Pfizer president answered. She rationalized the failure to test for transmission by saying the company had to “move at the speed of science” to stay on top of “what is really taking place in the market.” The unfounded claim that the vaccines were proven to stop transmission was then used to manipulate people to get vaccinated as a moral duty “to protect others.”]

Vaccine Risks Kept Under the Radar

In his appearance on American Thought Leaders, Dr. Lapado revealed troubling facts that have been largely kept under the radar. He noted that some of this information has been published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine but as it’s been ignored by mainstream media, it has made few ripples.

“Americans would be surprised to hear Covid-19 mRNA vaccines have been linked to an increased risk of appendicitis. They’re associated with an increased risk of Bell’s palsy. They’re associated with an increased risk of shingles, which can be severe in some cases,” the surgeon general said.

Lapado stressed that his department’s study was not the first to find an increased risk of cardiovascular adverse outcomes with the Covid-19 vaccine. “There are a number of such studies,” he said, including a study “published in JAMA that looked at Scandinavian data. It found a number of cardiovascular outcomes primarily related to cerebral vascular disease that showed increased risk with Covid mRNA vaccines.”

“One of the highest increases was with inter-cerebral hemorrhage after the Moderna vaccination, Lapado attested. “And that was an increase of 119%, believe it or not. And it’s right there in the paper. In the appendices.”

Another study the surgeon general pointed to was “a study published in Nature’s Journal of Scientific Reports that found an association in Israel between the rollout of Covid vaccines and acute cardiovascular events in young people.”

“A fourth study was one the FDA did using Medicare data, but they’ve been very quiet about it,” Lapado continued. “It’s available online. The FDA study found a signal of increased risk of acute myocardial infarction, meaning heart attacks, specifically associated with the mRNA Covid 19 vaccines.”

The surgeon general stressed that “the blessing, of course, is that cardiovascular events are not the norm after Covid vaccination. In other words, “even though the increase [over baseline statistics] is profound, adverse events, in terms of millions of people, are not that common.”

But the danger signals are “significant enough,” he said, that the public must be enlightened and “use the information to make an informed decision.”

How The United States Became An Outlier In the Treatment of Children

“Why are we insisting on immunizing children who already have some immunity to the disease due to having contracted Covid?” some doctors and scientists persistently question.

That their point is unquestionably valid is reflected in the fact that many countries have long credited natural immunity towards vaccine mandates. Sweden never offered vaccination to children under 12, according to a January 2002 Reuters article. Finland limits Covid vaccines to children under 12 who are at high risk.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has stated that “some children may benefit” but “previous infection offers as good of protection as the vaccine against reinfection.”

Denmark announced on June 22 that its recommendation to vaccinate any children under age 16 was a mistake. “The vaccinations were not predominantly recommended for the child’s sake but to ensure pandemic control,” said Soren Brostrom, head of the Danish Ministry of Health,” as quoted in the New York Post article

The CDC’s own research shows that natural immunity is superior to vaccinated immunity, as an August 2021 media release states. This fact was highlighted in a recent New England Journal of Medicine article quoting a study from Israel that questioned the benefits of vaccinating people who have recovered from a previous Covid infection.

As of February, 2022, 75% of children in the U.S. already had natural immunity from prior infection, statistics show. That number could easily be over 90% of children today, given how Omicron has swept the country since then, experts say.

Yet the leaders of American health agencies, contradicting the CDC’s own statements about natural immunity, have made the United States an international outlier in how it treats children with regard to Covid, insisting they need to be vaccinated.

FDA And CDC Alienating Staff

Some officials in the FDA and CDC have not been able to make peace with the policies of their employers. The FDA’s two top vaccine regulators—Dr. Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s vaccine office, and her deputy director, Dr. Philip Krause—quit the agency one year ago after decades in office.

Their decision to resign reportedly came amidst intense political pressure to authorize vaccine boosters in young people, for which there were no studies showing any benefit.

After their departure, the former FDA regulators wrote scathing op-eds explaining why the data did not support a broad booster authorization for the boosters. They argued in the Washington Post that “the push for boosters for everyone could actually prolong the pandemic,” citing concerns that boosting based on an outdated variant could boomerang and actually trigger illness.

The CDC has experienced a similar alienation of many of its personnel, a New York Post op-ed wrote.  “Morale is low,” a CDC scientist told the authors. “I used to be proud to tell people I work at the CDC. Now I’m embarrassed.”

Why are they embarrassed? The short answer, write the authors, “is bad science.”

“The heads of these agencies are using weak or flawed data to make critically important public health decisions. And such decisions are being driven by what’s politically palatable to people in Washington,” the article said.

In addition, the agency has a narrow focus on one virus instead of overall health which leads it to make what many consider shameful mistakes in their handling of Covid-19, the op-ed noted.

‘Slap in the Face of Science’

“First, they demanded that young children be masked in school. Compelling studies later found schools that masked children had no different rates of transmission.” The consequences were far from trivial. Most children suffered a loss of social and linguistic development as a result.

Next came school closures. The agencies were wrong — to the great detriment of the vast majority of children, experts now agree.

Then the agency leaders pretended natural immunity doesn’t exist.

“Wrong again. Most children have already had Covid, but this fact has made no impact on those mandating childhood vaccines,” the article argued. “And now, by mandating vaccines and boosters for young healthy people, with no strong supporting data, these agencies are only further eroding public trust.”

“It seems criminal that we put out the recommendation to give mRNA Covid vaccines to babies without good data. We really don’t know what the risks are yet. So why push it so hard?” a CDC physician admitted to the authors.

A high-level FDA official quoted in the op-ed felt the same way: “The public has no idea how poor this data really is. It would not pass muster for any other authorization.”

And yet, the FDA and CDC succeeded in getting the vaccines approved for babies and children.

“That slap in the face of science may explain why only 2 per cent of parents of children under age five have chosen to get the Covid vaccine,” the article noted. “And 40 per cent of parents in rural areas say their pediatricians did not recommend the Covid vaccine for their child.”

Part 2 will explore sophisticated marketing campaigns by Pfizer and one of the largest hospital chains in the country, aimed at winning over children to volunteer for vaccine trials, and at downplaying the seriousness of childhood myocarditis.

It will also present disclosures from the CDC’s website, VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) about the potential effects of Covid vaccines on children, as well as resources to help combat the spike protein in individuals struggling with vaccine side effects.



Top British Cardiologist Reverses Stance on Covid Vaccines

Leading British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra has publicly advocated for vaccines throughout his entire medical career.

“Vaccines are the safest of all drugs,” he wrote in a tweet in late November 2020. “Far safer than any other drug people are taking on a regular basis,” the tweet continues.

Malhotra initially believed that the Covid-19 vaccines were crucial to ending the spread of SARS-CoV-2, becoming one of the first to take them when the vaccines became available.

In February 2021, he even appeared on “Good Morning Britain” to defend Covid vaccine safety. He told the host then that there was “clearly irrational reasoning behind why people don’t want to take the vaccine.”

Then, his 73 year-old father died suddenly of cardiac arrest just five months after that television appearance. Malhotra was shocked. His father had recently had a cardiogram which showed no irregularity. How was it possible that this fit and healthy man who had no family history of heart disease could suffer such a fatality?

Following a post-mortem, the doctor was floored to find his father mysteriously had “two severe narrowings in his arteries” that had not appeared on his recent cardiogram.

Malhotra began researching the safety and efficacy of Covid vaccines in more depth, speaking with colleagues, researchers and a range of medical experts. He became increasingly disturbed by what he uncovered.

The Toxic Spike Protein

What Malhotra discovered was information about the spike protein produced by the vaccine (to mimic the virus) and reproduced in the cells. Spike is “a toxic substance that was initially thought to be contained in the deltoid (shoulder) muscle where the Covid injection is given, before it is broken down and expelled by the body,” explains pathologist and virologist Dr. Ryan Cole.

As CEO of Cole Diagnostics, a large pathology lab in Idaho, Cole has performed or overseen tens of thousands of post-mortems. We’ve long known, he said, that spike protein encased within lipid nanoparticles is at times unable to be broken down “before it travels to the most sensitive regions in the body, such as the heart, blood vessels, brain and ovaries.”

There it may create severe inflammation that can potentially spiral into various life-threatening conditions including blood clotting, strokes, heart attacks and neurological damage. It may cause reproductive problems and other disorders.

Even the NIH admitted in a press release there may be a link to fertility issues from the vaccine.  And in a September 2 letter to Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky admitted that agency staff had found that “causal associations exist between thrombosis (blood-clotting) and Janssen’s Covid-19 vaccine, and between myocarditis and mRNA Covid vaccination.”

As further data emerged, it became increasingly apparent to Dr. Malhotra that his father had likely fallen victim to “coronary inflammation” caused by the Covid vaccine he had taken not long before he collapsed.

Since his discoveries, Dr. Malhotra has conducted his own nine-month, peer-reviewed study based on mRNA vaccines. The work was recently published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance. Part 1 of his study shows that the risk of serious adverse events from the vaccines exceeds the risk of being hospitalized from Covid illness.

“The real-world safety data, coupled with an understanding of the plausible mechanisms of harm, are deeply concerning, especially in relation to cardiovascular safety,” the study found.

In part 2 of his study published in the same journal, Dr. Malhotra concluded that “there is a strong scientific and moral case to be made that the current Covid vaccine administration must stop until all the raw data have been subjected to independent scrutiny.”

“A reappraisal of global vaccination policies for Covid-19 is long overdue,” the cardiologist said.

In an interview with prominent British journalist Dan Wootton, Dr. Malhotra claims these vaccinations could be “the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will witness in our lifetime.”



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