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Biden’s Borrowed Liberal Vision for America’s Future

Former Vice President Joe Biden has publicly said that if elected president in November, he intends to govern as a placeholder for the wave of anti-American leftist radicalism now sweeping the Democrat party.

Biden told campaign contributors in May: “I view myself as a transition candidate,” pursuing the policies dictated by Black Lives Matter and other racial and gender identity groups, labor union chiefs, globalists and members of the entrenched Washington “deep state” bureaucracy, in addition to the socialists, anarchists and Antifa protesters who have been encouraging an epidemic of violent street-level crime across the land that has been rivaling the spread of the Covid virus for attention in daily news headlines.

Biden’s popularity and political reputation is based upon his 40-plus years of service in Washington as a Democrat senator and vice president, but in order to secure the Democrat presidential nomination following his very poor start during the early part of the primary season, he abandoned the relatively moderate Democrat positions he has been closely associated with for decades on a wide variety of issues, ranging from limited support for the Roe v. Wade decision to tough anti-crime laws and maintaining Obamacare. To rescue his hesitant bid for this year’s Democrat nomination from the prospect of an embarrassing early defeat, Biden embraced the spirit, if not quite the letter, of the radical proposals which socialist Senator Bernie Sanders injected into the vacuum of mainstream Democrat political thinking four years ago.

After the black vote in South Carolina and other primary states enabled Biden to secure the nomination, he turned over the substance of his presidential campaign platform to the recommendations of his “Unity Task Force” dominated by the likes of Sanders wannabees such as New York’s outspoken radical congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the pro-regulatory and anti-business agenda of Senator Elizabeth Warren, and the “green energy” policies of the fanatic climate change believers.


These policies would have been rejected by virtually all Democrat political leaders as far too extreme and impractical just a decade ago. Yet today’s mainstream Democrats and their mainstream media supporters have uncritically accepted the seismic shift in Biden’s political philosophy out of the realization that it would herald a return to the era of high tax and spend big government policies which would vastly expand the scope of the power of the permanent federal government bureaucracy over every aspect of the economy.

A Biden presidency would see the continued erosion of many of the hallowed individual liberties of Americans ostensibly guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These include the rights to free speech, to own legally purchased and registered guns, and to follow people’s conscience and the precepts of their religious beliefs that may conflict with the amoral standards of today’s increasingly intolerant secular American culture.

Under Biden, the power of the federal government to dictate every aspect of American’s lives, from the kind of automobiles people drive, to the types of food people eat, to the types of plastic bags and cups used every day, would continue to expand.

America’s hard-won energy independence would be sacrificed due to an exaggerated global warming threat from greenhouse gases that today are mostly being emitted by China and other foreign countries which are ignoring the problem.

America’s borders would be thrown open to unlimited numbers of illegal immigrants from around the world. Democrats would eagerly grant them all the benefits of citizenship, including the vote, enabling them to unfairly compete for the jobs and resources of this country’s current citizens. Local police departments across the country would be “defunded” in favor of social welfare programs, enabling the unchallenged rule of violent crime over the streets of our cities and their disarmed and defenseless residents.

For example, Biden has promised to appoint former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke as the gun czar of his administration, who has promised that his first priority would be the forcible seizure of millions of firearms from lawful gun owners.


For those who are not confident that the 77-year-old Biden will survive his term of office if he is elected president, prospects of relief from his automatic successor are not bright. Biden’s short list of potential vice presidential running mates consists exclusively of candidates whose sole qualifications to serve as an emergency replacement president are their female gender, their black skin color, and their ideological acceptability to AOC, Sanders and the leadership of Black Lives Matter.

A current favorite, according to unofficial reports, is California Congresswoman Karen Bass, whose ideological hero is the late Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro. Another likely choice is former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice. She repeatedly lied to the country on national television about the terrorist nature of the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, and tried to cover up the 2016 plot, hatched by senior administration officials in Obama’s Oval Office, to discredit Trump at the very start of his presidency.

Biden has also long subscribed to the obsolete strategic view that dominates Washington’s foreign policy establishment and which has been clamoring in the media for the return of a globalist commander-in-chief to replace President Trump’s imaginative and largely successful America First foreign policy pursuing this country’s national strategic and economic interests using a combination of pragmatism, realism and restraint.

As president, Biden would have America once again forfeit control over its own foreign, trading and national security policies to the tyranny of international agencies such as the UN, the Word Trade Organization and NATO.


Biden’s long record on American trade policy towards China, going back to his years in the Senate as the chairman of the Foreign Policy committee, has been nothing short of disastrous. In 2001, Biden proposed China’s inclusion as a trading member of the WTO. As a result, over the next 12 years, the US economy lost 3.2 million jobs as well as much of its industrial base to China. In 2011, as Obama’s vice president, Biden asserted in a speech that “a rising China is a positive, positive development, not only for China, but for America.”

While hunkering down in the basement of his Delaware home since March, using the Covid-19 epidemic as an excuse, Biden’s noticeable silence has made him a political accomplice to the lawless violence and chaos in Democratic-governed cities across the country, allegedly in the name of racial justice. Biden has turned a blind eye to the violent rioters, adopting the deliberately misleading narrative of their apologists in the mainstream media by referring to them as “peaceful protesters.”

With regard to the question of maintaining law and order and preserving the peace and integrity of American society, Democrats have left no doubt as to whose side they are on. With Biden as president, a newly radicalized America would be very different from the country as we have known it.

After Biden endorsed the Black Lives Matter demand to “defund” local police departments, without actually using that word, the National Association of Police Organizations, threw its support behind President Trump for reelection. The organization, which represents over 240,000 officers nationwide, had endorsed the Obama-Biden ticket in the 2008 and 2012 elections. In addition, more than 100 police agencies have declined to bolster the security efforts of the Milwaukee Police Department at the upcoming Democrat National Convention, after Milwaukee city officials ordered new restrictions on the use of tear gas and other non-lethal crowd control measures.


With regard to another hot-button political issue these days, sending kids back to public schools for the fall semester, Biden stands firmly on the side of the teachers’ unions in opposing giving economically disadvantaged families in districts with failing public schools the option and ability to send their child to a superior private school using a tuition voucher or a publicly funded charter school.

Biden made his position clear last December when he said at a public-education forum that if he becomes president, charter schools “are gone.” The Biden-Bernie “unity” policy platform condemns charter schools, whose record clearly shows that they offer minority students from poor families the best opportunity for educational success, because they “undermine the many ‘extraordinary’ public schools in this country.”

“Charter does not mean better,” the education section of the Biden platform declares. It then proposes a myriad new curriculum and teacher diversity requirements intended to strangle charter schools in a tangle of red tape and hobble their proven ability to provide a superior education for students from poor families at the same or lower cost to taxpayers.

Thomas Sowell, a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, cites the evidence from a comparative study of New York City minority students attending the Success Academy charter schools and the minority students of the traditional New York City public schools housed in the same buildings.

“In 2019, most students in the city’s public schools failed to pass the statewide tests in mathematics and English. But most of the city’s charter-school students passed in both subjects,” Sowell writes in his book, Charter Schools and Their Enemies.

“The educational achievement gap between students in low-income minority communities and those in the larger society [has] been closed in New York City’s charter schools—but not in the traditional unionized public schools in the same buildings with them.”

Like Biden, New York City’s ultra-liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio is determined to stop the success of the charter schools in their tracks.

Meanwhile, the city’s public-school parents are paying attention, putting 50,000 of their children on a waiting list for admission to New York City charter schools. Providing enough new seats in charter schools for all those students would siphon off more than $1 billion a year from the traditional NYC public school budget.

In addition to losing access to all that money, the city teachers’ unions are opposed to charter schools because their principals have the authority to fire incompetent teachers at will, rather than go through the two-year long process for firing tenured public-school teachers.


A Wall Street Journal editorial analyzed the likely economic impact of Biden’s proposals to increase federal taxes by more than $3 trillion over a decade. The tax increases directed primarily at the wealthy are intended to pay for Biden’s slightly watered-down versions of the AOC-Sanders-Warren proposals for lavish new social welfare spending programs that will be heavily targeted to benefit the Democrats’ favorite organized labor, special interest and racial/gender identity groups.

  • Individual income tax rates: The top marginal tax rate would increase to 39.6%, from 37%. Biden would repeal the $10,000 cap on the deduction for state-and-local taxes, which were part of Trump’s 2017 tax cut. They restoration of the so-called SALT deduction would primarily benefit people with big houses and larger incomes living in high tax areas like the San Francisco and New York City metropolitan regions, but the tax benefit of the itemized deductions would be limited to 28% of face value for people in the higher tax brackets.
  • Payroll FICA Social Security deductions: Biden would apply the current 12.4% Social Security tax, split evenly between workers and their employers, to all income over $400,000, with no cap, whereas the current payroll tax only applies to the first $137,700 of annual income. When the FICA deduction is added to Biden’s top 39.6% tax rate on income, the federal government’s total maximum share of a worker’s paycheck would exceed 50%. In addition, workers in states such as California’s with a 13.3% top tax rate, or New Jersey’s 10.75%, would be losing more than 60% of each paycheck in state and federal taxes.
  • Capital gains: For those earning more than $1 million, tax capital gains and dividends would be taxed as regular income, at the new top tax bracket rate of 39.6%, almost double the current top rate of 23.8% on capital gains. Capital gains tax rates haven’t been that high since the 1970s.
  • Estates: The estate tax, which Republicans like to refer to as the “death tax,” has long been a favorite target of liberal Democrats who feel that it is inherently unfair to allow wealthy parents to pass on the fruits of their lifetime of labors to their children and other heirs without the government confiscating the lion’s share of the assets. So far, Biden’s proposal to increase the death tax would impose a capital-gains taxes on the assets of the estate before it is passed on to the heirs, with no adjustment for inflation since the assets were originally acquired. Based on a budget agreement between President Obama and the new Republican majority in Congress in 2010, the federal estate tax rate was reset at 40%, above an increased exemption of about $11.6 million of the estate’s total value. But the radical liberal Democrats setting Biden’s economic policies prefer Bernie Sanders’ proposal to lift the estate tax rate to 77%, while reducing the exemption portion of the estate to $3.5 million.
  • Corporate income taxes: Biden would increase business tax rates to 28%. In his 2017 tax cut, Trump had lowered the top corporate tax rate, to 21% from its previous high of 35%, which was so high that it had prompted many American corporations to move their headquarters overseas, mostly to states in the EU, where the average top corporate tax rate is 21.8%. In addition to the federal corporate tax, American businesses also have state tax on their corporate income, which range up to 8.84% in California and 9.5% in Illinois. Therefore, if Biden is elected president, we are likely to see a resumption of the pre-Trump era American corporate flight to lower-taxed foreign countries.
  • Other corporate tax increases: Biden is proposing a new 15% minimum tax on the “book income” on every American business with $100 million or more in annual profits, regardless of any legitimate tax deduction, such as carried-over losses from previous years, that the business might qualify for. Biden also proposes to double to 21%, from 10.5%, the minimum tax on “global intangible low tax income,” which would raise the incentive on American businesses to shift more of their income to their foreign-based subsidiaries.


Who would be the main beneficiaries of all the new tax money that Biden would raise? Not surprisingly, many of the winners would be members of the special interest groups who make up much of the Democrat voter base, who would qualify for one or more of a Biden’s many politically targeted new or increased tax credits. They would include:

  • A $15,000 “down payment tax credit for first-time home buyers” that would be refundable and “advanceable”;
  • An $8,000 credit “child and dependent care”;
  • A $5,000 credit for “informal caregivers”;
  • A $5,000 credit for “hiring a person with a disability”;
  • A low-income renter’s tax credit “designed to reduce rent and utilities to 30% of income.”

The list goes on to enhance existing tax credits, create new ones and revive old ones which had previously expired, all of which benefit Democrat donor and voter constituencies. They include the Earned Income Tax Credit; a Manufacturing Communities Tax Credit; the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit; the New Markets Tax Credit; the Work Opportunity Tax Credit; the Solar Investment Tax Credit; “tax credits for residential energy efficiency”; and restoration of “the full electric-vehicle tax credit,” which was being phased out as electric vehicle manufacturers reach their federal sales quotas.

Biden’s long list of tax credit proposals are another example of the now common practice by both political parties of loading up the IRS tax code with subsidies for well-connected businesses and rewards for liberal-endorsed personal behavior—at the ultimate expense of the American taxpayer—and creating more business for tax accountants and lawyers.


Biden claims that his proposed tax increases won’t affect anybody making under $400,000 a year. In 2016, Hillary Clinton similarly pledged to exempt those making $250,000 or less from her proposed tax increases, but in both cases, the pledges were misleading. Inevitably, higher corporate taxes eventually lead to lower wages paid to workers, or fewer profits paid to shareholders, including the beneficiaries of pension funds.

Depending on how Biden’s new taxes will impact the growth of the overall economy, estimates of how much new tax revenue they will generate over the next decade vary from a minimum of $3.2 trillion to a maximum of $4 trillion. A detailed analysis by the Tax Foundation found that Biden’s tax proposals would, on average, lower after-tax incomes for households in every economic segment of the American population, including a 1.4% reduction for middle class households.

A separate American Enterprise Institute analysis estimated that it would cost taxpayers earning around $170,000 to $250,000 a year an additional $725 in taxes in 2021, and $1,368 for those earning from $250,000 to $350,000. Even though the top 1% in income would pay about 75% of Biden’s overall tax increase, the analysis said that the remainder—about 25 percent of the new tax revenue in 2021—would come from the other 99 percent.

But even with all the extra revenue his tax increases will generate, it will not be nearly enough money to pay for all of Biden’s new spending plans. In the end, the balance will have to be raised either by imposing more new taxes, or by increasing the national debt, adding to the already substantial financial burden to be inherited by our children and grandchildren.


Meanwhile, the silence of Democrat elected officials in the face of the spreading violence, and their open complicity with the domestic terrorists promoting it, is generating real fear over personal security. From March through mid-July, almost three million more firearms were legally sold in this country than usual for that period. Half of those added sales occurred in June, immediately after the George Floyd protest demonstrations turned violent.

Residents of America’s 15 largest cities have good reason to be frightened.

So far, the main Democrat response to the highly visible surge of anti-American violence in cities they control across the country has been denial. For example, last week, Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, called the violent attacks by Antifa and Black Lives Matter on the federal courthouse in Portland “a myth.”


In reaction to Nadler’s comment, Jim Jordan, the ranking Republican member of Nadler’s committee, told Fox News that Antifa, which calls itself “antifascist,” is “very real,” “very dangerous,” and “a terrorist organization [that] is anything but a myth.”

“Go tell the [federal] officers who’ve been blinded [in Portland], the officers who’ve been attacked, ask them if Antifa’s a myth or an imaginary organization.”

“Ask Andy Ngo, the [conservative] journalist who was attacked [by Antifa and suffered a brain injury] in Portland over a year ago, if they are an imaginary organization or some kind of myth,” Jordan continued.

The autonomous Antifa groups operating in left-wing governed American cities see themselves as the ideological descendants of the Depression-era communist-led European anti-Nazi movements. The Soviet-led communists fought daily with Hitler’s “Brownshirt” thugs for control of the streets of Weimar Republic Germany. Antifa has adopted the same tactics as the German communists, who didn’t bother to challenge Nazis ideas through speech or open debate, but rather preferred to fight them through violent physical confrontations.

In May, President Trump said he would have the US government formally designate Antifa as a terrorist organization.


Meanwhile, Democrat efforts to dismiss the rising wave of uncontrolled violence, and the mainstream media’s sanitized narrative which misleadingly characterizes the well-organized violence as “mostly peaceful protests,” have lost any credibility.

They are no longer believable in the face of the media’s own footage of mobs nightly attacking officers guarding federal buildings with clubs, rocks and Molotov cocktails, and intimidating entire neighborhoods where local police are now afraid to enter. The morning-after pictures show the devastating results: boarded up central business districts; burnt-out police vehicles; and once bustling streets now filled with empty shops whose customers have been scared away.

Ironically, the main victims of the growing wave of violence and destruction accompanying the Democrat-backed Black Lives Matter protest are the residents of the poor neighborhoods of Democrat-ruled cities across the country which local police are now afraid to enter. That grim new reality is bringing home to the residents of these cities the high costs to their own personal safety and economic security of the refusal of their elected leaders to allow local police to maintain law and order.

Formerly responsible “moderate” national Democrat leaders, such as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, have also been hiding behind the sanitized mainstream media descriptions of the violence. None of them have dared to publicly challenge the historically false claim by Black Lives Matter activists that white racism is the original sin and evil driving force that permeates and pollutes the American heritage and way of life.


The widespread gun violence has extended far beyond the George Floyd-inspired protests nationwide. An analysis of crime statistics from the nation’s 50 largest cities published over the weekend by the Wall Street Journal found that homicides were up 24% so far this year, and the rate for other non-fatal shootings also rose.

Cities which have a longstanding gun violence problem, such as Philadelphia, Detroit and Memphis, saw the sharpest rise in homicides, led by Chicago, which alone has accounted for about 12% of the 3,612 homicides recorded nationwide so far this year. But overall, 36 out of the nation’s 50 largest cities reported a double digit rise in the number of homicides this year, including towns in the American heartland like Omaha, Nebraska, and Phoenix, Arizona, which have a reputation for being relatively crime-free.

Oddly, the rate for robberies fell by 11% in 41 cities nationwide compared to last year during the same period, leading experts in criminology to speculate why the rates for different kinds of crime are moving in opposite directions at the same time. Some believe that the social and economic pressures created by the coronavirus pandemic are at least partially responsible for the anomaly.

One possible explanation is based on the “routine activity theory” which says that the crime rate is the result of a combination of three factors: the number of criminals, the supply of potential victims, and the effectiveness of society’s institutions which act to safeguard ordinary citizens, such as schools, houses of worship and the police.


The fact that fewer potential victims are out and about in the streets would explain why there have been fewer non-lethal violent crimes of opportunity, such as robberies. Similarly, the number of house burglaries may be down because criminals know that more people are stuck at home all day because of the coronavirus lockdowns. On the other hand, murders and gun violence may be up because fewer violent criminals are being arrested and kept in jail for a variety of reasons: local police are pre-occupied with the protests and are under close media scrutiny, while the criminal courts are backed up due to the pandemic and precautions being taken to avoid the spread of the virus.

Much of the gun violence in cities like Chicago is gang related, fueled by young people in low-income communities who are now home instead of being in school all day, or who have lost their jobs at virus-closed businesses and are running short of money. While the Black Lives Matter street protest have turned violent mostly in Democrat-controlled cities, Republican-governed cities such as Miami, Omaha, Tulsa, San Diego and Jacksonville have also seen their murder rates spike recently.

In Portland, Oregon, police scrambled to respond to 15 homicides in July, the highest number of killings in a single month in the last three decades, and more than double the number of shootings compared to July 2019.


While nationwide attention has been focused on federal officers in Portland who came under attack while safeguarding a courthouse, the Justice Department has sent its officers to assist local police trying to curb violent crime in cities like Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Cleveland and Albuquerque, as part of Operation Legend, named after LeGend Taliferro, a four-year-old boy shot and killed by a stray bullet while he was asleep inside his Kansas City apartment in June.

Most of the killings are taking place in the highest-crime neighborhoods in these cities, and the pace has been accelerating since the George Floyd protests started at the end of May. In Chicago, for example, the killings have been concentrated in the economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the South and West Sides. Out of a total of 433 homicides reported in Chicago between the start of this year and July 26, 106 of them took place during the last 28 days of the period. Compared to last year, murders more than doubled during the month of July and are up by 51% since the start of the year. On July 21, Chicago suffered the largest mass shooting in its recent history, when 15 people were shot outside a funeral home on the South Side.

Eduardo Bocanegra, a senior director of the READI Chicago program which provides jobs and counseling to men at risk of falling into a life of crime, told the Wall Street Journal, “Men in my program are being killed right now,” explaining that he had lost five out of a total of 220 people in his program during the five weeks between Memorial Day to July 4.


In New York City, police report that most of the murders are taking place in the poorer neighborhoods of Brooklyn at large impromptu social gatherings such as barbecues held in public parks. But police interventions have been slowed by the new restrictions that Mayor Bill de Blasio has placed on the tactics they are allowed to use to arrest and subdue resisting suspects. Police officials in New York City, as well as Detroit, Michigan, and Fresno, California, have also complained that new laws passed by liberal politicians doing away with the requirement for arrested suspects accused of committing violent crimes to post cash bail has set free many dangerous criminals, enabling them to resume prowling the streets.

Liberal politicians have encouraged the mainstream media to treat these violent criminals and vandals as police-martyred folk heroes. For example, last week, plainclothes and uniformed NYPD officers arrested an 18-year-old homeless person—wanted for disabling police surveillance cameras by spray painting their lenses—while she was marching in a street protest and placed her in an unmarked police van. This led to progressives led by AOC and the City Council’s Progressive Caucus condemning the police for “kidnapping” and using “a tactic meant to intimidate protesters and discourage civil disobedience.”

Mayor de Blasio was then accused of failing to hold “the NYPD accountable for the brutality unleashed on those exercising” their First Amendment right to protest. De Blasio called the police action “insensitive.” Governor Andrew Cuomo reacted by condemning what until recently would have been considered to be a routine arrest by calling it “outrageous.”


The liberals and the mainstream media have tried to ignore the fact that the NYPD, in reaction to constant political criticism, has effectively withdrawn from the active enforcement of law and order on the streets of New York City. Murders are up by 24 percent over last year, burglary is up by 46 percent, and shootings, totaling 777 so far this year, are up by 69 percent. The sound of gunfire has become a common occurrence, especially on weekends, in low income neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

As addicts shoot up in broad daylight on the corner of Broadway and 40th Street, two blocks from Times Square, cops are looking the other way, while preparing to submit their early retirement applications.

Mayor De Blasio’s answer to the crime explosion has been to transfer $1 billion in the NYPD’s budget to the city’s youth summer programs. He also disbanded the NYPD’s street anti-crime unit which had been effective at taking guns off the street and plans to send social workers into the street to advise thugs and drug addicts to stop doing bad things. The results? Illegal gun arrests across the city plummeted by 60% during the four weeks following the disbanding of the anti-crime unit in mid-June. Many frightened lifelong New Yorkers who have the financial means to leave the city are reacting by moving out at a record pace.


Meanwhile, the Minneapolis police department, whose members were responsible for the death of George Floyd which launched the nationwide wave of violent protests, has lost more than 10% of its police officers through resignations, firings and requests for medical leave. Morale has collapsed, and dozens more officers say they intend to file for leave in the coming months. Police officials have quietly confided to reporters for the local newspaper, the Star Tribune, that the Minneapolis Police Department could be down by a third of its authorized strength of 888 officers by the end of the year.

The growing shortage of police manpower has been reflected in longer response times to 911 emergency calls, and a reduction of more than 50% in the number of police stops over the past two months. Cops are also refusing to respond to calls from citizens reporting gunshots fired by gang members in the area where George Floyd was killed.

Meanwhile, a group of East Phillips neighborhood residents filed a class-action lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis for depriving them of adequate police protection by refusing to respond to their 911 calls when they hear shots fired. The group responded by blocking off their street and organizing armed patrols to ward off drug dealers and other street criminals who had been emboldened by the absence of a police presence.

Longtime local resident Leslie Bowden, who can see the Floyd memorial from her house’s front yard, told a reporter, “Police murdered a man in our neighborhood and then they just all fell out and left us alone to figure out our own as far as protecting our neighborhoods. You feel isolated, like you’re in a war zone sometimes, but there’s no one helping us.”

Welcome to what life is likely to be like in newly “woke” American cities under future President Joe Biden.




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