Saturday, Oct 16, 2021

Battle of the Ballets

The race is on And it's quite heated Soon they leave With each defeated And the process Is repeated All to get The Prez unseated Each one claims That he is "it" Vote for Gingrich Vote for Mitt

 Hanging on

Is Rick Santorum

Though the speeches

Tend to bore ’em


And the worst one

Of them all

In this opinion

Is Ron Paul

Who does not care

‘Bout us at all


And Rick Perry

Now forgotten

Things for him

Quickly went rotten


Missed his lines

And missed his queues

Forgot his platform

And his views

I guess that’s what

Caused him to lose


Don’t forget

About Mrs. Michelle

She thinks that she

Is in as well


And Mitt I think

McCain he’s using

(Teaching him

About his losing!)


And so each one

The other bashes

With ads, remarks

And verbal lashes


Slug it out

Obama says

This way

Next time

I’ll still be Prez!


And as those fellows

Love to fight

And seem that they

Will not unite

All their foes

Will just delight


I stop and think

A bit ‘bout us

And all the fights

And all the fuss


And all the fights

The world now hears

Through blogs and news

And all the fears


Is there anyone

Who cares?

I think no one

Indeed it scares  

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