Friday, May 14, 2021

Ayin Tova

Do you ever feel

That you’re surrounded

Pestered, bothered

Simply hounded

Are you sometimes in a mess

Feeling down and quite depressed

Everyone seems like a pest

And all you do is just detest?

Three Weeks begin

And we’re surrounded

Walls are breached

As we’re confounded

And why? you ask

Does this pain come

Where is all

This great tzaar from

We look on High

We look above

And wonder where is

All the love

Oh! It is there

My saddened friend

But we just know

How to pretend

We’re very good at asking “Whys?”

Pointing fingers toward the skies

Forgetting lessons

Of the spies

These weeks, my friend

Come from Above

Leading up

To Tisha B’Av

When all the Jews

With their cries

Listening to words of spies

As Hashem’s goodness

They deny

Oh! Where is that

Gracious eye?

Do we have an

Ayin tov?

Or all we do

Is ask and probe?

Can we fargin another’s joy

Do we just look and say, “Oy!”?

Can success in other places

Put a smile on our faces?

Can we ever understand

The beauty of a rock-filled land?

Do we see flowers

Where there’s sand?

Open up your eyes to see

Hashem’s great love, eternally

If all your life’s an ayin tov

And all you pour out is your love

I know these weeks

Will turn around

A smile will replace a frown

And soon redemption

Comes for all

In every place

For large and small

And save the souls that need yeshuah

Heal the folks who need refuah

And bring us all

The geulah

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