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Are the Kids Okay?


Shining a Light on Mounting Cases of Myocarditis in Children

A mini-documentary released last month by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), “Are the Kids Okay?” brings to light the growing number of children diagnosed with myocarditis after taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

The film features a video ad by a NYC hospital recruiting children who develop myocarditis to its ICU ward. Doctors and other critics were outraged that the ad appeared to normalize and trivialize myocarditis, and the hospital was forced to pull the ad.

The video also highlights the sophisticated marketing techniques used by Pfizer to lure unsuspecting children to volunteer for Covid-19 trials, in which the risk of injury, as described by the documentary, is far from minimal.

The VSRF film reveals what many consider flawed government policy, as Covid-19 vaccines for children are allowed to stay on the market despite mounting evidence of harm. This concern has become greatly magnified after the CDC’s advisory committee, ACIP, voted to recommend adding the Covid vaccines to the required list of children’s vaccinations.

The CDC vote means the vaccines, which experts say are not supported by any clinical studies showing benefit to children, would be administered to babies just five months old, in addition to toddlers, pre-schoolers, older children and teens.

Top Cardiologist: No Heart Damage is ‘Mild’

Myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart, is a proven side-effect from Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, even according to the CDC. The agency maintains this side effect is “rare”—just one case out of 100,000, and usually “mild.”

Multiple studies, however, overturn this assertion. One of the most recent peer-reviewed studies on cardiovascular impacts of the Covid vaccines was performed in Thailand. The study focused on Thai adolescents ages 13-18 who had received a second dose of mRNA Covid vaccine.

The paper, published in the journal Tropical Medial and Infectious Diseases, noted that “Cardiovascular effects were found in a startling 29.24 per cent of patients, ranging from tachycardia, palpitation, and pericarditis.”

“Out of 301 participants in the study, 7 of the teens sustained some form of heart damage, with  two of them hospitalized for four or five days,” noted Dr. Peter McCullough, one of world’s most published cardiologists.

He added that although fact-checkers have tried to debunk the Thailand trial, his own review testified it was a “rigorous study using highest-sensitivity ultrasound” and other clinical equipment that was “every bit as good as we have here in the United States.”

“As a cardiologist,” Dr. McCullough said, “I can tell you there is no heart damage that is ‘mild’ or inconsequential. Any form of heart damage causes scarring, which might develop down the line into an abnormal heart rhythm that has the potential to lead to heart failure.”

McCullough noted that even the diagnosis “subclinical myocarditis” which tends to be pooh-pooed as “insignificant,” should be taken seriously.

“Subclinical means that the heart muscle has sustained some degree of damage but the person doesn’t feel any symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest pain. Still, during strenuous exercise, the normal adrenalin surge produced by the body can trigger cardiac arrest,” McCullough said.

In the VSRF video, the cardiologist is seen testifying before the Pennsylvania state senate on the sudden death of teenagers shortly after getting their Covid shots.  One of them was 16-year-old Ernesto Ramirez Jr., who died of cardiac arrest five days after taking the injection.

“Autopsies were performed on the children,” Dr. McCullough testified, “and the findings were crystal clear. The deaths were caused by the vaccine which caused massive heart inflammation.”

McCullough told the Pennsylvania senate that children are at virtually zero risk of severe disease from Covid-19, and that the claim that the vaccine’s benefits for children outweigh any risks is false.

The video also quotes Marty Makary, MD, a researcher and professor at Johns Hopkins University, refuting the claim that Covid-19 infection poses a higher risk for myocarditis than the Covid vaccines.

“That claim has been found to be untrue,” he says.

Makary’s assertion is consistent with the findings of a large study of 790,000 patients published in April 2022 in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, the film notes. It quotes the authors’ conclusion that “We did not observe an increased incidence in myocarditis from patients recovering from Covid-19.”

How Unsuspecting Children Are Recruited to Promote Vaccines

The Pfizer ad, released in November 2021, recruited children for the drug company’s vaccine trial by appealing to kids’ fantasies of being a hero. In the ad, the company’s message is that any child who volunteers for the trial will become a hero for courageously helping others.

The video begins with a little girl’s voice-over saying, “All of us want to be superheroes,” as pictures flash across the screen of children in capes hopping from couches and leaping about. The little-girl voice continues: “And the most important heroes are those who help others! This year, thousands of kids like us around the world joined the Covid-19 vaccine trial…To all the kids who volunteered, we’d like to say ‘Thank you!’”

The ad ends with little girls sporting posters that read ‘You’re a superhero!’ and calling out “Thank you!” as the screen fades to the Pfizer logo.

The documentary follows the Pfizer ad with another one released later by a NYC hospital promoting its treatment of children with heart damage.

The ad, “Pediatric Patient Story,” features a young girl named Suri who tells viewers while holding a sketchbook, “I’ve been into fashion since I can remember… But one day, I had a stomachache so bad I didn’t want to do anything.”

The ad shows the sick child heading toward a hospital’s ICU with her mother. “The team at NY Presbyterian said it was actually my heart, it was severely swollen—something called ‘myocarditis.’”

Images of a swollen heart dominate the screen followed by an animation of Suri hooked up to ICU machines.

“But they gave me medicines and used machines to control my heartbeat. They saved me!” Suri declares. She jumps off her hospital bed and with sketchbook and pen in hand, sprints toward a showcase of beautiful gowns, exclaiming, “Now I can become the next great fashion designer!”

The ad ends with the caption “STAY AMAZING,” without any mention of what may have caused Suri’s potentially fatal heart condition.

Amid public outcry, after Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and numerous doctors accused the hospital of painting myocarditis in children as no big deal and easily resolved, the hospital pulled the ad.

Mary Holland, CHD president and general counsel, pointed out the misleading nature of the ad, noting that New York-Presbyterian, which is affiliated with Columbia University, is not “any old hospital.”

“This is one of the biggest and most prestigious hospitals in New York City,” Holland said. She highlighted how Suri celebrates the doctors for “saving her,” and dashes off into the sunlight in apparently perfect health, thanks to the “team at NY Presbyterian.”

“What they neglected to say is that myocarditis can result in needing a heart transplant within a matter of years,” said Holland. “When I first saw this, I was speechless.”

On Sept. 22, Tucker Carlson of Fox News discussed the NY Presbyterian ad with the aforementioned Dr. Makary, who early on warned the CDC that they needed to “rigorously study the long-term effects of vaccine-induced myocarditis.”

“Severe heart damage in otherwise healthy children” is not something “we’ve always had” happening, is it?” Carlson asked, noting the insidious way in which the condition is being treated by some as akin to other childhood diseases.

Makary concurred it was once virtually unheard of in healthy children.

“What type of life will someone have at age 50 when they suffer unnecessary heart damage as a child?” Carlson wondered.

Boys and Young Men More Vulnerable

“Myocarditis has disproportionately struck older boys and young men who received the shots,” reported Science, quoting an Israeli research team, headed by Dr. Dror Mevorach, head of internal medicine at the Hadassah University Medical Center.

The rate of myocarditis events among those vaccinated was found to be somewhere between five and 25 times the baseline rate,” the article said. In some cases, complications resolve following hospitalization and treatment, “yet several new studies suggest the heart muscle can take months to heal,” another article by Jeniffer-Couzin Frankel in Science Insider stated.

The article went on to report that vaccine-driven myocarditis is thought to be triggered by an immune reaction following the Covid-19 shot. It quoted a study from Germany published last month in The New England Journal of Medicine that suggested the disease “may be driven by an inflammatory response associated with the Covid spike protein, which the mRNA vaccines coax the body to produce.”

“This [side effect] is thought to occur particularly after the second booster dose of mRNA vaccines…These are important safety concerns,” noted the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Tragic Numbers

Between Dec. 14, 2020, and Sept. 16, 2022, 23,926 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis were reported to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS.

The cardiovascular adverse events on VAERS for the twenty-one-month period are broken down as follows: 150 children dead; 445 permanently disabled; 8176 children injured.

Historically, as VAERS relies on self-reporting and many family members of the vaccine-injured, as well as hospitals, do not follow through on making reports, adverse events have been shown to be vastly underreported—some say by about 30 times the actual number.

That would suggest the true numbers of children injured and dead after Covid vaccination would tragically be far greater—in the realm of an estimated 4650 dead; 13,000 permanently disabled; 253,000 injured.

Dr. Michael Portman, a pediatric cardiologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital who has been studying patients with myocarditis following an mRNA shot, says he would hesitate to recommend boosters to healthy teens.

“Many of these kids are asymptomatic after they leave the hospital,” he told Science Insider. But he admits that what he sees in the youngsters during follow-up appointments worries him.

“Although their heart rhythm is normal and they usually feel fine, MRI scans of their heart often show something called late gadolinium enhancement (LGE), which signifies injury to the muscle,” the cardiologist noted.

In June, Portman and his colleagues reported in The Journal of Pediatrics that 11 of 16 patients had LGE about 4 months after their bout of myocarditis. And in September, a CDC team reported that among 151 myocarditis patients who had follow-up cardiac MRIs after 3 months, 54% had abnormalities, mostly LGE or inflammation.

To date, no serious studies on vaccine-induced myocarditis have been carried out by the federal health agencies. Neither have institutions that are leaders in the field of scientific research such as Harvard, Duke and Mayo Clinic conducted any studies or published any research on this critical subject.

“Why the striking absence of such studies in the United States? We’ve been forced to rely for information on vaccine-related myocarditis on spontaneous reporting from outside the United States—from Germany, Israel and now Thailand,” Dr. McCullough noted in the VSRF film.

The FDA was once protective of children, removing dangerous products off the market after very few reports of injuries to children. In “normal” times, the response to the devastating impact of Covid-19 vaccines on some children would have been to halt the vaccines immediately.

The mini documentary closes with a painfully obvious question: “Why are they still on the market?”

FDA, CDC Grant Pharma Double Liability Protection

Many observers speculate that the CDC’s drive to place Covid shots on the childhood vaccine schedule was intended to shield the vaccine manufacturers from liability lawsuits, as a result of the explosion of severe injuries from the vaccines.

They reason that adding the Covid shots to the childhood vaccine schedule would afford vaccine makers the permanent protection enshrined by the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, a law that provided funding for the vaccine-injured while blocking them from suing vaccine manufacturers.

This law also denies parents of vaccine injured children the right to sue for compensation for vaccine complications.

Currently, the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) through which the drug companies were allowed to market the vaccines, offers the manufacturers full liability protection. But the EAU was set to expire in October.  The only way for drug manufacturers to maintain the liability protection was to take shelter behind the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

That could happen only if the Covid vaccines were added to the recommended list of required childhood vaccines.

Or if the EAU for Covid vaccines would be extended by the FDA.

If neither condition was met, the drug manufacturers would be left wide open to a flood of lawsuits.

The drug giants need not have worried. Both liability protections were guaranteed by the CDC and FDA respectively, less than two weeks apart.

The EAU for Covid vaccines was extended on October 12 for the Pfizer shots. And, as is well-known, the ACIP advisory committee voted on Oct. 20 to include Covid vaccines on the childhood schedule.

Explaining its decision to extend the Emergency Authorization, the FDA issued a letter that makes it clear that a pandemic “emergency” still exists and vaccines are needed to alleviate it.

“I have concluded,” writes Dr. Peter Marks of the FDA on Oct. 12, 2022, “based on…. the totality of scientific evidence available to FDA, that it is reasonable to believe that the Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine and Pfizer Bivalent vaccine may be effective in preventing Covid-19.”

“I have concluded,” Marks continues in his letter, “that it is reasonable to believe that the known and potential benefits of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid‑19 Vaccines…outweigh their known and potential risks.”

Marks adds that the “emergency extension” (EAU) will continue “until circumstances justify its termination.”



Vaccine Safety-Monitoring Program Tracked Astounding Data

Many people may recall that the CDC started a vaccine monitoring program called ‘V-Safe,’ back at the very beginning of the Covid vaccine rollout in December of 2020.

People were asked to install the V-safe app on their smartphones and then to self-report if they had any negative effects from the mRNA shots, released under an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA.

“Share your vaccination experience with V-safe to help keep vaccinations safe,” a CDC website urged Americans.

People were eager to help, and especially to avail themselves of a vaccine, then considered a miraculous salvation from the pandemic. More than 10 million people downloaded V-safe on their smartphones after getting vaccinated.

10 million people participating in the V-safe self-reporting system would provide a huge sample size for a medical study. It would serve as the best possible statistical model for studying the 230 million Americans who took at least one Covid shot.

The CDC tracked data in the V-safe program for the first 18 months of the vaccine’s public availability, up through July of this year, American Liberty reports. But strangely, the agency never published any data from V-safe. The public was never permitted to see it.

That changed when the CDC was forced to release the data after a court ordered it to do so, following a lawsuit by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN).

The data was astounding.

Of the 10 million people who participated in V-safe, 3.3 million—or one-in-three—reported Health Impacts (AHIs) immediately after their first vaccination.

“Of those 3.3 million people, 1.2 million reported that they were unable to perform daily activities for a time after vaccination. 1.3 million reported getting so sick from the shots that they had to miss school or work,” reports American Liberty.

And about 800,000 (782,913 to be exact) reported needing medical attention, a trip to the ER, or hospitalization after Covid vaccination.

800,000 hospitalizations out of 10 million people? That means as many as 18 million of the 230 million people who received at least one shot may have been hospitalized with an adverse reaction.

“The data also reflects a disproportionate amount of negative health impacts, including medical events, following the Moderna vaccine versus the Pfizer vaccine,” notes the article. It also shows a disproportionate number of negative events reported by women versus men.

Instead of alerting the public to the apparent dangers of these shots via the V-Safe reporting system, pulling them from the market or at least cancelling the mass vaccination mandates, the CDC hid the information until it was forced by court order to release it.

Since the data is so massive, ICAN has generated a v-safe “dashboard” to present it in a user-friendly format for the public. This v-safe dashboard can also generate the statistics noted above and is available at




Denmark Admits Vaccinating Children Was A Mistake

Covid-19 vaccines should not have been recommended for all children aged 5 and older, a top Danish health official has said.

Soren Brostrom, the director general of the Danish Health Authority, told a television audience recently that it was “a mistake” to broadly vaccinate children based on the knowledge that has accumulated since late 2021.

Children aged 5 to 15 were advised to get a vaccine as the Omicron variant of Covid-19 became dominant around the world. The vaccinations were not predominantly for the children’s own sake but rather “to ensure epidemic control in Denmark,” Brostrom said.

Yet it quickly became clear that the vaccines were not effective in preventing infection, he noted.  “If we knew then what we know today, we would have done differently.”

Prominent Danish Professor Christine Stabell Benn in a televised appearance echoed Brostrom but went much further, saying “the pressure campaigns around these vaccines were a disgrace.”

“‘Your vaccine protects me’ was always rank falsehood,” Prof. Benn said. “The vaccines never prevented infection. Vaccinated individuals contracted, carried, and spread Covid every bit as much, and almost certainly more, than the unvaccinated.”

“That should have stopped the whole thing dead,” Benn continued, “but it didn’t. They kept pushing it, pretending it stopped contagion. In addition, children were made responsible for the health of their parents and grandparents. They kept shaming and blaming children for being ‘plague rats,’ threatening their teachers and parents and grandmothers.”

“Using kids as human shields is beyond reprehensible,” the professor said.

“The parents who had to struggle to drag their kids down to the vaccine center—they want to know to what purpose? What was it all about?’ Luckily, some nations are slowly coming to their senses.”

[Scandinavian countries including Finland, Norway and Sweden no longer offer the vaccine to children under 12.]



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