Saturday, Jul 13, 2024

Appalling Hypocrisy

“Hello? Hello? May I speak to Bibi now?” It's Barack And he is mad He's about to have a cow “Hello, Barack? Just how are you? I hear you are About to stew!

“You’re upset?

What else is new?

What’s a PM

Got to do?”


“Yes! Bibi

Okay, it’s me!

Your war is just not

Good for me


“And that’s the reason

That I’m calling!
I find your tactics

Just appalling!


“I support you!

For votes of course!

This time you’ve shown

Excessive force!


“Shelling hospitals?

Shelling schools?

Don’t you know

There are some rules?


“Hamas gets to

Break them all

But you’re Israel

Thus the call”


“Mr. O”

Says the PM

“Your complaints

I heard of them

Usually by the UN!


“So let me run

A few by you

Ever heard

A tribe named Sioux?


“Massacred at Wounded Knee

And what about Cheyenne?

I have a couple more for you

I’ll tell them if I can


“Remember all the miners

In 1885

They shot them and

They torched their homes

Burning them alive


“What about the Homestead crew

Protesting their wages

Was shooting them appalling too

Or those were different stages?


“And war you seem quick to forget

Somali or Iraq

Killing all those innocents

Is memory you lack?


“What about in Vietnam

You don’t remember why

They burned a village

Killed hundreds

In what they called My Lai


“Remember bombing Dresden?

No single home was spared

It was to root out enemies

For children no one cared


“Hypocrisy, dear president

It just goes on and on

From Indians to Japanese

Iraq and Taliban


“But if Jews

Will protect themselves

By killing perpetrators

The whole world gasps

And screams as one

The new moral dictators!


“I say to you

Dear president

Please let us do our job

You know that you

Have done much worse

Despite your heartfelt throb


“No one in the world we live

Would sacrifice their troops

To save a child who they’ve stuck

Inside their terror groups


“And we shall shoot relentlessly

We can’t afford to yield

To terrorists who use their kin

To be a human shield


“Thank you, Mr. President

And Mr. Kerry too

Hiroshima was tough you know

That’s what you’ve got to do”




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