Thursday, Sep 16, 2021

A Tribute to The Mir

They'll come from far They'll come from near To honor Him To honor Mir And… The rebbi who They all revere The home whose doors Are open wide To anyone Who walks inside

The home with levels

For each soul

Their growth in Torah

Just the goal


No tests, no shtick

For your admission

Taken with no


Just come and learn

Is the condition


Who’s not been through

Those holy halls

Torah embedded

In those walls


Who hasn’t stopped by

For a meal?

‘Mongst thousands daily

I appeal


Who has not slept

In a Mir bed?

Or chapped a breakfast?

Leben? Bread?


A history

Spans generations

With talmidim

From all the nations


Rav Leizer Yudel

To Rav Chaim

Poland, Shangchai



Rav Leizer Yudel’s gadlus

Rav Nochum’s clarity

Rav Yeruchem’s holy mussar

Of course, Rav Nosson Tzvi


Who can forget

Rav Chaim

The lion of Shangchai

Whose middos and his mussar

Shout, “Mamma Rochel, cry!”


The brilliance of the shmuessin

And calm while facing war

The bullets smashing

The stone walls

And lodging in the door


Come to support

The Torah

Support the legacy

Come to honor doros

And Rav Nosson Zvi


The man whose love

Surpassed a doubt

A weakened heart 

It could not shout


And yet a shmuess

A vort

A shiur



Could hear

The voice that filled

The world

From Mir


Come to join the thousands

Who’ve all lent their support

Protecting our eternity

A true bastion

A fort


Mir Yerushalayim

Or Mir that’s in Brachfeld

The kollelim

The talmidim

Iber der gantzer velt!


Join the great supporters

And give what you can give

Your gift is so important

So that Torah shall live


No matter where

You ever learned

It’s simple and it’s clear

That in each and every

One of us

There is a bit of Mir

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