Friday, Jul 19, 2024

A Tree In Fall

Did you ever get the feeling

You’re like an old oak tree

Sometime in October

Standing tall and free

You thought your leaves forever

Would hold their shade of green

But now their colors changing

To something in between

Of course, the colors catch the eye

As all stare and admire

Forgetting that the colored leaves

Will wither and expire

You thought that all the leaves you had

Would never leave your stem

When suddenly you realize

You’re losing some of them

Indeed, your trunk you hope will stand

Against the wind and rain

The roots it has were planted firm

To withstand any strain

But woe the fruit, the leaves, and such

Just seem to come and go

And nothing lasts forever

A fact you sadly know

The rain and winds are howling

And shake you to your roots

You hold on tightly to your kin

Your lush and ripened fruits

You know that they will pluck them

And just before the storm

They’ll find a home in which they’ll feed

And nourish, nurture, warm

And yes, dear tree

Your time has come

Perhaps your leaves shall age

And soon the young will look at you

An old and tired sage

But don’t be sad, my solid oak

Because the seasons pass

And autumn rain

And winter winds

Will not forever last

And as your trunk is firmly set

With principles secure

Despite the rain

The wind, the storms

Forever you’ll endure

And all the fruit

That you’ve produced

Yes, witness they shall bear

Despite the falling leaves and such

The old oak tree’s still here




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