Thursday, Jun 20, 2024

A State of Mind



The world does cheer!

They say it’s great

Let’s give the terrorists

A state


Let’s get on board

Let’s spread the news

We’ll get the sane

To change their views


This is clever

This is fun

Get them on board

Just one by one



Norway and Spain

It’s 1492



Isabella! Ferdinand!

Kick the Jews

From their

Own land!


Norway joins

The wicked fight

Forgetting that

They’re lily white

And soon they’ll have to

Take to flight


We all know

And we are sure

Soon there will be

More and more


The world will dance

And celebrate

A country built

On war and hate


Like Mr. Lenin

Aptly said

When Russia turned

Completely red


Like a fool

And like a dope


Will sell the rope


That we will very

Gladly use

To hang them on

With our noose


They’ll march and scream

For Palestine

From River to the Sea

But they don’t know

The way they go

Will seal their destiny


Sure, all is good

And all is fine

With a state of



Free speech

They shall not tolerate

Unless that speech

Is filled with hate

It’s not what they anticipate


And soon the mobs

Will start to cheer

Bring shariah law

To here!


The USA and Europe too

They’re also coming

After you


And colleges

Throughout the land

Will soon be shut

Professors banned


And we will laugh

At the big joke

When they’ll destroy

Your senseless woke


And for the equal rights

You strive

Just try to get

A mom to drive


I’m writing to a wall

No one here

Will heed the call

‘Cause it’s not Arabs

Who they love

It’s hate of us

And He above


And once again

We all do know

That this is how

The world does go


The biggest joke!

“Rely on them!”

The nations, world

And the UN


Enough! Just stop!

Don’t count on them

We’re only left

With our Hashem





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