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A Special Fruit

They sat there in the orchard The apples, plums and pears Each one saying, "I'm the best! No one else compares!" The grapes and dates They all joined in "I'm the best you see! I'm sure that for The Yom Tov They'll all be picking me!"

And soon they came

With cutters

To snip them off the tree

Each fruit just sat there


“They’ll be picking me!”


“It’s me!” declared the apple

I’m handsome red and sweet!

I’m every doctor’s nightmare!

And every teacher’s treat!


“They dip me in the honey

This special time of year

I am the most delightful fruit!

I openly declare!”


“Excuse me,” said the date tree

“That honey’s from my fruit

And like a tzaddik I’m compared”

The date, his horn, did toot!


“They sing the songs

‘Bout dipping you

But you are dipped in me

We all know that your

Honey comes

From dates and not a bee!”


And suddenly

A voice was heard

It sounded like a whine

They turned to see

That purple ball

Kvetching from its vine!


“Silly apple! Silly date!

You know that I’m the best

Without the wine for Kiddush

You guys would have to rest!


“I begin each Shabbos meal

And Yom Tov meals as well

And that sweet juice

They squeeze from me

Certainly does sell!


“I know they’ll come to get me

As part of Arba Minim

While you shall sit here

In the sun

I will sure be grinnin’”


But all the men

Went somewhere else

A corner with old trees

They pointed to some

Yellow fruits

Rabbosai! Look at these!”


The apples looked in horror

The peaches with aplomb

“Why are those men

Collecting those?

How could they be so dumb?


“Their skin it is so bumpy!

It’s filled with seeds, not fruit!

It takes so long to grow each one

Years just to take root!”


And then a man 

Reached out for one

He wore a cotton glove

And gently he held on to it

And cradled it with love


Inspected it from head to toe

For specs, the smallest dot

And shouted to the other men

“Look at what I’ve got!


“From pitum to the uketz

This esrog is a gem”

He laughed at all 

The other fruit

“They think that I need them?


“For beauty is

What the Torah says

And not what florists say

The greatest beauty that there is

Is just the Torah’s way


“The apple may be pretty

The grape may get you high

The peach is cute

And plums are sweet

And dates do grow so high


“But what some people 

Think is great

Or fashionable today

The Torah thinks

Quite differently

It has a different say


“For when it comes to Sukkos

The esrog is the one

“The Torah says it’s ‘beautiful’

That’s how the mitzvah’s done!”



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