Thursday, Sep 16, 2021

A Short Summer

It's post Shavuos And we're set Without much rhyme or reason To begin A bit of fret Another camping season! Some will go to Bungalows And others sleep away While some will stay back In their towns And go to camp by day

And there will be

Those backyard camps

And some in empty schools

And some will fill up

Plastic vats

And say that “We have pools”


And novelties

They’ll order

For camps that have a theme

And prizes will be purchased

For every winning team


And they will make up

Brand new names

Like Camp Fest and Geshmak

For bochurim

They’ll make a camp

Perhaps the name…

Camp Hock!


And kids will travel

‘Cross the plains

To communities in need

To plant a spark of Torah

I think they call it Seed


Indeed the summer’s coming

But to my consternation

The calendar

We have this year

Has poor configuration


The summer

Won’t be very long

For Av is most July

And August will be Elul

I am not sure just why


So some will be in bungalows

While the shofar is blowing

I think it’s hard

To just relax

When everyone is knowing


That just as summer

Starts its day

We all must now remember

That Rosh Hashanah’s

Day to judge

Will be on Five September


And Yidden will all gather

And in their shul

They’ll pray

While others are just yawning

After Labor Day!


So enjoy summer

Every bit

Enjoy it while it lasts

Because a week

Into September

Everybody fasts!

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