Friday, May 14, 2021

A Bug?

Perhaps the heart of Africa

Perhaps in Texas Rose

Maybe it’s in hospitals

No one really knows


But when this bug

Did hit these shores
A panic soon arose
And men and women
Ran around
All dressed in funny clothes


They dressed in white
And all wore masks
And made sure they were snug
For just in case
Should sneak inside
That vicious little bug


And companies across the globe
Are racing for a way
To make a shot or find a pill
To chase the bug away


I won’t describe its nastiness
That’s for another story
For the pages of this newspaper 
The details are too gory


But that is not

The point I make

In writing these few lines

About the bug and the E words

Escaping its confines


The president is not afraid

“No bug can ever beat us!”

I think we must remind him of

A fellow they called Titus


Titus was a warrior

A powerful mean thug

Who was brought down


By just a tiny bug


And we are fighting terrorists

And threats upon these shores

Worried about all the threats

That may pass through our doors


It will not be security

Or an amazing drug

That will fend off any terrorist

Or any foreign bug


Let’s not forget

The problem

And the authentic threat

It’s when we think

That we’re in charge

The real Boss we forget


He can stop the terror

A virus that seems grim

It’s up to us

To know He’s there

And put our trust in Him

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