Friday, Jul 19, 2024

5779: Year in Review

Another year has left us

A year has passed us by

Looking back at the bizarre

I just cannot but cry


Whatever that has happened

And all that did transpire

We know, of course, was put in play

By a Force Who’s so much higher


Whether in our politics

Across the USA

Or how they vote in Israel

We’ll figure out one day


All the news you heard this year

The source all did begin

Last year Rosh Hashanah

On that great Yom Hadin


Poway, Pittsburgh, shootings

Those murderous attacks

Hate crimes rising against Jews

In Crown Heights by the blacks


Tragedies that shook our souls

Young lives snatched so young

Filled with tears, our eyes so wet

A mournful song was sung


Who shall drown in water?

And who shall pass in fire?

We sadly learned the answers

Those questions we’d inquire


Whether in a water park

Whether on a bike

The passing of a yungerman

A young boy or a tyke


The pain this year almost each week

Would cause us all to cry

Pleading that Hashem will say

Letzaroseinu, dai!


Across the spectrum chaos reigned

Fake News making facts

Libels on yeshivos

And claims of anti-vax


Two votes done in Israel

And still we do not know

Muller working two full years

And with nothing to show


Impeach! Indict! They yell and shout

As politicians plod

Invectives and divisiveness

From three they call “The Squad”


On all our minds, Siyum Hashas!

All we’d see and hear

And yes, my friends, three months away

Indeed, it’s drawing near


Bridging all of Klal Yisroel

Bridging every gap

Learning through each medium

Of course, without the App!


Hate rising in politics

Lakewood, Ramapo

Scary just to think it sounds

Like eighty years ago


Gedolim who have left us

Orphans once again

Rav Avrohom Chaim Levin

The rebbe of Skulen


Mechanchim of such magnitude

Some famous some unknown

Rabbis Trenk, Bauman, Traube

and Goldberg

And of course Rav Kolman Krohn


R’ Yoseph Herman left us

He wrote the Chodosh Guide

Rav Elimelech Bluth is gone

Was at Rav Moshe’s side


Rav Nosson Kamenetzky’s gone

Indeed, I am afraid

That we may never know the truth

Of how gedolim are made


Celebrate a century

Rav Wilhelm’s aspiration

A standard set, Torah Vodaas

For every generation


Hackers hacking every week

Ransoming for data

The problem’s just beginning

They say it will get greater


Each year, the news, it does get worse

The golus comes on stronger

I do not know how we can last

If this way lasts much longer


When churches burn

And mosques are bombed

Yes, that it makes the news

Defiling a synagogue?

Who cares? It’s just the Jews


We hope for comfort in this year

Together we all pray

Moshiach will arrive this year

Yes! This year, Tof Shin Pey!




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