Wednesday, Sep 27, 2023

5777 – Year in Review

Another year
Another din
A year we prayed
And hoped to win

A year in which
The words we said
When Unesaneh
Tokef was read
What will be swirling
In my head?

Who with fire?
Oh the pain!
Who with water
Oh the rain!

Harvey flooding
Terra firma
Wreaked by Irma

Who by sword?
The vicious knives
Taking Klal Yisroel’s lives

Hackers breaching
All the walls
All the secret info falls

The FBI seems
Has no clue
Can’t ask Comey
What to do

We had a different hurricane
How the Donald
Got to reign
His supporters
Called insane

Alt Right
Alt Left
Each extreme
Claims they are the winning team
Each one with the loudest screamers
For and against
All the “Dreamers”

North Korea
Would not budge
Need a Yankee whack
From Judge

A world that’s filled
With the crazies
Jews who threaten JCCs
And protests by

Obama leaving
With disdain
Calling Israel
One great pain
Surely he’s no friend of mine
Make him king of Palestine

Despite him leaving
He’s still here
‘Cause we still have

Repealing seems
To be a pain
Just ask Senator
John McCain

Despot leaders
But they won’t exit
England wants to
Make a Brexit

Will France try it
On its own
With Emmanuel Macron

Can he stop
The ISIS pain?
Plowing through
In Nice and Spain?
Happening again, again?

Of course, tzaddikim
Of our time
Who passed, it seems
Before their time
Their loss transcends
A simple rhyme

The world should tumul
Stand in awe
Just like the eclipse
That they saw

When tzaddikim
Pass too soon
The sun is covered
By the moon

So as we start
A brand new year
And in our eyes
Remains a tear

We plead to You
This time, please hear
Bestow just blessing
With no fear
Please bring Moshiach










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